J-Surely its you my dear-U | Reviewer: Richard Chin Xui Shen | 7/13/09

This song just hit my jackport! Who else I'll be bringing off the board! Its my dear bunny Jie Yu.. One of my wish is to bring her around the world and travel if thats possible. Im taking you with me my dearest beloved one!

so sweet | Reviewer: timeisrunningout | 3/1/08

some love songs are just kinda there. but with some you can tell, they aren't just meaningless fillers, but written FOR someone. and with this song, its easy to see matthew theissen had someone in mind. it's in the lyrics, in his voice, it just sort of exudes sweetness from the entire thing. and thats why i love it so much. it's not just another love song. its someone's real feelings about someone else that we get the privilege to listen to. this song is utterly sweet and i absolutely love it. i've heard it called cheesy, but you know what? i could care less if it's cheesy. its sweet and its from the heart and thats good enough for me. this song definitely gets an 11/10 in my book.

this song is soo cute! | Reviewer: Jennifer | 8/18/07

it makes me think of how my boyfriend & i live an hour away from each other. like if we see each other & i have to leave to go go back, i'm always going to take him with me although i can't :p i love this song & i just heard it for the first time today :p i love relient k!