review? | Reviewer: maggie | 6/14/2007

i totally thought that they were saying "speed bumps are so much more fun when the suns outside" but i see it makes more sense to be theme parks but speed bumps just sounds so much cooler and i think they are more fun when the suns outside. just a thought.

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RELIENT K IS AMAZING! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/2005

UMM RELIENT K I AMAZING!!! AND IM DEF. GOIN TA SEE THEN ON CONCERT NOVEMBER 4TH WITCH IS THIS FRIDAY! and im sooooo excited they dont have one bad song lik usally in CDz u would lik keep changin songs till u get the one that u lik but w. all relient k CDz u lik every songle song so that isant a problem! and ya i just amd IN LOVE W. THEM!


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review from mandy | Reviewer: mandy | 5/12/2005

One of my favorite songs to listen too!! The music video was so hott though, but I luv the band and theie music.

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