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You're So Amazing! | Reviewer: MarMar (Marie) | 8/20/14

I really love the lyrics to Two Birds. My dad and I were talking about how back then with no technology, they used nature as entertainment. It is so cool how you used the birds to show how we need to make decisions that may affect the course of our lives(sort of like a simile). That's a really cool image!

Regina's childhood in a movie | Reviewer: Smileater | 8/6/12

I already imagine a movie about Regina Spektor's life; she and her family had to put up with so many obstacles and it has turned so beautifully great. I hope to see (and listen to) Regina more often.

My Idol! | Reviewer: Molleigh | 3/22/07

Your songs and lyrics really inspired me. They can easily be compared to real life and that is why I love them. Your voice is very unique , too, and the excitement in your songs keeps me going through the day. You so rock!!!!

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