Is it getting better, now? | Reviewer: The Fat Man | 6/16/10

As the world goes by I am still drawn back to this song. I first herd it on the Saints Row soundtrack and have listened to it ever since then. This song kind of reminds me of who I am and who I should strive to be. It randomly popped up on my Ipod today and I thought I look up the lyrics and see what the song is actually trying to get across to everybody. I think that it is him basically talking to either is girl friend or maybe a daughter of his. and that can be applied to anybody that listens to this song.
"They say,
We won't,
Make it.
What do they know?
They say,
We can't,
Do it,
But I've got to know.."
Is the heart and soul of this song and it really reaches out and grabs you if you are looking for it.

this song rocks | Reviewer: pat | 2/8/07

They Say we wont make it.
What do they know?
I love that part this song is awsome.