shake your body | Reviewer: Alex | 1/22/13

my concert is gonna be great you hear that people shake your body but not my mean friend cole he thinks he knows everything about reece but i know more he doesnt even know how to spell his name and i do so people shake your body and come to my concert.WOO

Amazing!!! | Reviewer: Rhiannon c: | 1/4/13

I absolutely LOVE Reece! I voted for him in x factor and I'm going to see his concert on the 17 January. He's amazing and Beautiful Nightmare is amazing! Especially dirty paradise and Rock$tar!!

uuuuuuuugh! | Reviewer: Maddie | 12/9/12

So tomorrow I'm going to Reece's concert for the second time this year (the first time was his x factor journey album). He really is incredible. I absolutely love how he isn't someone else. He's a teenage boy who writes about girls and sex and that's what's funny about him. he isn't under some record label that's trying to make him different. He deserves everything he's become. Love you Reece!

All Songs | Reviewer: The-Directioner | 11/23/12

So i was never a huge Reece fan until recently. I started listening to more of his music, and then i met him a few weeks ago and i just about died.. so now i consider myself a 'semi lil-rocker' LOL...
This new album is amazing! Dirty Paradise has got to be my favourite! :D

Can't wait for his concert in less than two weeks! WOO! :)

Amazing! | Reviewer: Moon | 10/23/12

I haven't even listened to the CD, only previews yet from what I have heard this CD is awesome!! I fell in love with it so much!!! I adore this CD and bought it the day after I heard about it. This CD is amazing!!! Reece Mastin is amazing!!!!

love it | Reviewer: jay jay | 10/22/12

at first i dident really like reece when he became famous but then when i heard shut up and kiss me I was blown away congrats reece on winning the x factor you have gone so far dont stop making music

O-MAZING- all the songs. | Reviewer: jennifer-rose | 10/20/12

okay i got reece's new cd when it came out, i screamed when i got it, i listenedto it the first time, i loved it, all the songs are catchy, amazing, and the vocals are amazing,and even my dad likes this album :D, this album i will give a 10000000000000/100 :3 cause im an awesome lil rocker, ily reece mastin <3