Artistic Perfection | Reviewer: christine | 4/16/13

this song is by far my favourite and it blows me away everytime i hear it its musical perfection of the highest order. i'll never get tired of hearing it it just sparks something up inside of you and you connect with the song and the artist and its like a taste of heaven.......PERFECTION I LOVE RED

Beautiful | Reviewer: john onyeani | 2/19/12

This song is incredibly beautiful. I'm an engineering senior student in nigeria and every so often i look for ways to be encouraged. Ever since i knew Red, i've never been the same. But i hardly find rock fans around me, People who are able to genuinely connect with me! I'm glad to meet you guys here, hope we remain friends! I've left my email so you can contact me if you wish. Regards to all!

OVERWHELMING!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/6/10

Dis my all time fav song. When i first heard it(back in 2008) i was blown away. Dn d lyrics came t me n it was so meaningful! Ds song inspires me so much t accept HIM as my savior. RED Keep on inspiring us!

Hauntingly beautiful! | Reviewer: Katie | 12/4/09

I heard this song in my art class; my art teacher loooves indie music and such, especially music that isn't well known. I was painting and this song started playing.. and as soon as it was over, I said "Ms. Coldwell, I'm soo downloading this off your computer, hope you don't mind it.." I loooove this song soo much.

I love the beginning of the song and how hauntingly beautiful it is.

Stunning | Reviewer: Flame For Hair | 10/12/09

This song is so encouraging... so motivating, and makes me and my boyfriend smile everytime we hear it. Josh gave me this song shortly after we got together, and it winded up being 'Our Song', and so it is awe-inspiring, and we aren't very religious. Red is absolutely amazing!

ICREDIBLE! | Reviewer: Alex | 12/7/08

I was stunned when I first heard this song. The instrumentals are SO well done, and the vocals are very nice as well. I think I'll listen to it again now! =) I'd definately recommend it to anyone!

Also, like with any song, there are many ways to interperet its meaning. Whether it's religious or deals with relationships, it's still got a nice meaning to it regardless.

Elise, if you see this | Reviewer: Mary | 10/10/07

Hey, Elise. I totally agree with you. My husband just left about 2 and a half weeks ago. I just gifted him this album on iTunes and I've been listening to it like crazy. You are so right about this song. This is our second 15 month deployment, plus we have four little kids, so I need all the encouragement I can get, and I know he does too. I hope he likes it as much as you and I.
I put my email address on here so if you want to write to me, go ahead. My family is based at Fort Campbell.

Beautiful | Reviewer: Kitty | 10/10/07

A simply stunning piece of work. The imagery created by instrumentals and the vocals is quite amazing. It's really a very soothing song to listen to as well. They did a wonderful job on this track and the rest of the album.

Encouraging | Reviewer: Elise | 9/21/07

Spiritual or not, these lyrics are very encouraging. My husband and I are going through our first deployment, and it is very hard... you end up losing some things in your life. The way I look at this, is when I look upon the Lord's face, He is the one that makes me whole again, when things seem to tear me apart. He knows us inside and out.

The perfect song! | Reviewer: Paul Krynksi | 11/21/06

This song has a lot of instramental (including the violin). It starts out slow, but builds at the end. The lyrics are very meaningful and I believe it is a good song for anyone who likes anything from hard rock to orchistra. So pretty much everyone would like this song.