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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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A girl | Reviewer: Carlos | 4/26/13

This song reminds me of a girl i sit next to in highschool. She is the most beautiful girl i know and her eyes are truelly solar in collor apearance and in the emotion i get from lookin in them. They always peer through me and can make me want to be abetter person. I love her. I dont know how to tell her. I probably never will. But she is beautiful and her solar eyes are like nothing i have ever seen.

I can relate | Reviewer: Pete | 2/26/10

I wish I could come up with something like this... It's exactly what I've wanted to say to a girl. It's perfect. I can totally relate. Oh well.

Californication is such an amazing album and this song is one among masterpieces!

i love your smell | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/17/08

i like the title of this song -- this velvet glove -- cuz it just gives you a perfect image of how close he is to the person he's singing about...also, the last verse is my favv rhcp quote b/c it's such a "if that ain't love i don't know what is" line

This Velvet Glove | Reviewer: frijolero23023 | 1/20/08

I'm anazed that one badn can make so amy songs that so many people will consider great. This is only one of a handfull of songs that I LOVE by the Red Hot Chili Peppers. They're the greatest band on earth and may the rock on until every single one of them dies, and hopefully that day won't be any time soon.

this velvet glove | Reviewer: chili lover35 | 9/28/07

this song is AmAzInG!!!!!!how u can care for someone so much.....
"Your SOLER EYERS are like Nothing I have EVER SEEN Somebody close That can SEE RIGHT THROUGH
I'd take a fall and you know That I'd do ANYTHING
one of the best songs from the chili's =D

rhcp | Reviewer: blaize | 7/23/07

the red hot chili peppers are the best band ever...i love all there songs...this velvet glove is one of my favorite songs.

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