Awesome! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/9/10

Just a kick-ass song with alot of meaning, the Slane version is definitely the best! You gotta listen to it on Youtube you'll be blown away! Only thing I can't understand is why it has like only 30,000 views...

Poo Wee Bum BOOB | Reviewer: robzo bousge | 4/6/08

In matter of speaking I think this is a great song, and hopfully others do to, the way the lyrics are put together and sung in a form of rap really completes it. I love the way the singer captures some of the headlines of racists groups such as the “Ku Klux Klan” and mocks them by saying I don’t buy supremacy. Another example of racial discrimination is where the singer mentions “My Name Is Peace”, I’m guessing he wants all people to be like him in a form of peace and togetherness. In the last lines of the song he mentions “Whatever happened to humanity” 3 times; he’s referring to the place we lay in today with the world’s views of racial discrimination and how far we’ve come form being a white world of perfect people. and where he catpures the moment of "i like to fuck a dog up the ass hard"

Why RHCP rule | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/4/07

This is why RHCP are by far the best band that has ever set foot on the earth. What a start to an amazing album ... cant describe how good they are. No other band comes close or ever will to these 4 legends of music ... if you havent listened to everyone of there songs you are missing out big time. Get their CDs and you won't regret it!!

RHCP kickass !!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/07

awesome! so much energy incredible lyrics, riffs, it! been a fan since this album came out (91') and every album since is amazing. they have so much range its unbelievable. the chili peppers are pioneers!
the power of equality deserves the highest review possible!