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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Amazing | Reviewer: Ponjab | 6/10/10

I can play many, many peppers songs on the guitar (i have an Epiphone SG), and also Crazy Train and Stairway to heaven at full speed. I am also 10 years old. This song is really easy, but fun to play. FRUCIANTE IS A GOD!!!!!!!!!

tell me baby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/2/09

I 1st heard this song on VH1 @ my grandma's. I was only 10 then I think. I think. This is probaly the funkiest song on Stadium Arcadium. Even tho this song isn't a love song thts how I interprate it. I can feel real bad then I just listen 2 this song & I'm up & dancing like a fool in my room. LOL! But yh it's an awsome song. It has the funkiest bass line I have probaly heard in a long time.

Wow | Reviewer: Michael | 3/20/09

The first I remember of them was seeing the Scar Tissue MV. I wasn't even 9 at the time, but I took huge interest in this band and over time they grew to be my favorite band. Still, after over a decade, these guys are my favorite band.

:) | Reviewer: Lisa | 7/16/08

If you want to find a better band you have to seach for a very long time 'cause there is no better. First time I listen to them I was 11 or something, now I'm 14 and I still love theme. Wanna tips you about a song that they didn't put on stadium arcadium. BICYCLE SONG, seach on it on youtube, I love it. and FUNNY FACE. those 2 aren't on any CD.

reat | Reviewer: kellyman | 3/15/08

you know these dudes rock! i loved them ever since i listened to califonication i loved them even more after i listened to dani califonia, and after listening to these now... i'm a big fan can't wait listen to their next reat song

!!!Tell Me Baby!!! | Reviewer: *Mwah!* | 11/21/07

Oh my gosh!!! This song is amazing!!! This guy I know got me to listen to it and now I'm in LOVE with it!!! I dance around my kitchen singing it!!!

Great Albumm | Reviewer: RHCPFannnnnn | 9/26/07

Well i'm only 14 years old but I think the RHCP are the best in the world =P,,,Stadium Arcadium is a briliant Album,,,,I'm know searching for By The Way,,,RHCP Rulesszszsz

Yay! | Reviewer: trini | 8/19/06

Great song huh? I'm seriously considering getting their album, which is saying a lot, as the prices are impossible here...

Yesss. | Reviewer: Katelyn | 7/16/06

I have loved this song for a long time. And tomorrow, when the video comes out, I (and many other loyal peppers fans) will already know all the words to this song. Everyone else will act like they know the Red Hot Chili Peppers. *Sigh*, well, that's what usually happens. Like what happened with Dani California.


can they get any better | Reviewer: joe from portsmouth | 6/13/06

wow i did not think the red hot chili peppers could get any better but they can. This song is a brilliant track which you will keep repeating and singing in the british summer. One of those sing out loud songs. Cold drink in one hand and mp3 player in the other!! Perfik!!

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