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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Excellence | Reviewer: Jonny F. | 12/3/07

This song is excellent.. only part of what lies within the album, if you haven't listened to the rest of the album I would highly reccommend it, the songs range from slow and really relaxing like this to very upbeat and catchy songs such as Storm in a Teacup (Stadium Arcadium Disk 2, Track 11) and Animal Bar is also an amazing song (Stadium Arcadium Disk 2, Track 9)

Awesome | Reviewer: Jorge | 11/16/07

One of the best songs i've ever heard. And this is just a sampl of what "Stadium Arcadium" has. Red Hot Chili Peppers rock!

the sweatest song ive ever herd | Reviewer: Devocka | 9/10/07

well this is one of my favourites on that album, is peacefully, and so sweat ...
I think that if you like that kind of songs you would love BY THE WAY that is absolly a romentic album

Slow cheetah review | Reviewer: Fayzer | 6/9/07

This is one of my favourite chili peppers song of all time.The album stadium arcadium is my favourite album the band has produced.But if u like this song and u should like it, try out saviour,porcelain and road trippin.

nice song to be heard | Reviewer: carolina | 6/8/07

i must admit that the red hot have composed better songs but they keep on surprising me with their new songs and their lyrics which are deeper and very beautiful, by the way
hope they never end writing and composing songs like this cause they are the ones that are worth to be heard

whoa | Reviewer: you'd like to know that... wouldn't you | 6/4/07

this song is apparently not so popular to the rest of the world but it's one of my favorites- it just sounds so... deep and mellow. when i see the lyrics i'm not entirely sure what they mean, but somehow i understand perfectly... y'kno?

Oh yeah :) | Reviewer: MorgenStern | 5/19/07

Well, Slow Cheetah is really beautiful song: amazing and interesting lirycs, wonderful music, especially Flea's bass :) I like this song:) Guys, u're great:) special from Russia! :)

Ahhh..... harmony. | Reviewer: Randall Eckley | 4/9/07

The Peppers strike deep with a beautiful song. My complaint with modern music is the general lack of harmony and beauty. This song has both. You can't put a label on The Peppers and THAT is glorious, in and of itself. "Slow Cheetah" is a tasty, sensitive treat like "Under the Bridge." Keep doing your thing boys -- I like it all. Please do a show in central Indiana some day.

Graham Paw
57 year old kid

rachiibaby | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/4/07

i love anthony kidis, flea, john frusciante nd chad, a lot of ppl at my school think this is one of their weaker songs tho... but i like it, that girl is like me.

lyrics-recognition | Reviewer: Anna | 10/11/06

The lyrics are magnetic.
Initially they appear random, yet,on one level, relates I think, to thoughts that most have encountered in 'quiet moments'; somehow taps into everyones psyche.
The lyrics challenge the listener to listen and recognise themselves and the worlds they live in. To live a life true to themselves.
Taken in context of the whole album, Slow Cheetah, is singled out as one special and welcome being, a different type of cat in a land of lions and tigers.
Spiritually, I've been called this before,......
so I guess that would mean I'm special! Heehee ; )

beautiful song | Reviewer: matthew t. | 8/1/06

first time i heard this tune i liked it, it didn't have to creep up on me. really like the acoustic guitar and the slide?? that john uses. haven't figured out the underlying meaning to lyrics yet, again beautiful song.

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