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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Awesome song!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/7/09

This song is amazing! I love it so much but strangely it reminds me of like relationships that end badly for you and when it says " scar tissue that I wish you saw" it could mean that like you wish the other person saw how much they were hurting you. I don't know that's just what this song makes me think of. But whatever it mean it's a great song! :D <<<333

ahhh | Reviewer: Melissa | 8/29/09

I love this song so much. it's always stuck in my head. I'm basing a story I'm writing off it. The story is about a guy whose having a lot of family and relationship issues and this guy he's always known sees that's he's hurting and the first guy has been sleeping with a lot of girls to hide the fact that he's in love with another guy that he thinks could help him and make him happy and even though he's with a ton of girls he's still lonely

but back on topic, anthony did a great job on these lyrics I love them. The first time i heard I was walking home from school and it was on a cd i stole from my brother that i was listening to and I thought "this sounds like a song for the opening credits of a movie"

Fantastic | Reviewer: Kitty | 5/9/09

The song isn't about people cutting themselves.

It's about Anthony Kiedis and his battles with drugs, as well as the quarrels he had.
"Sarcastic Mister know it all" was directed at Dave Navarro, who he refered to as 'The king of sarcasm'.
'Make it to the moon if I have to crawl' is a refrence to his heroin addiction, to where he was desprate to get high. 'Making it to the moon'.
There's a refrence to Dani California, who was compiled of every girl he ever dated.

The song runs deep with Anthony. He did a wonderful job writing it and the band did an amazing job PLAYING it.

the song meaning | Reviewer: Kimberly | 5/6/09

I dont know when I first heard this song I remember the chorus stuck with me
"With the birds (share) I'll share
This lonely view
With the birds (share) I'll share
This lonely view "
I thought it was about someone that wants to kill themself because they got abused by someone they loved. I dont know about the drug meaning if its about that Im way off, but I figured bye to ma and pa is just disregard for guidance and an upcoming suicide resulted from abuse.

HELLO!! DRUGS! | Reviewer: brandon | 1/2/09

The meaning of this song is obvious.

It's about a girl who cuts herself.

Scar tissue...
In the bathroom stall...
She cuts herself because her parents beat her, broken jaw, so goodbye to ma and pa.

He sees it all because he flies with the birdies....


Anybody know where I can score some acid or X?

Burgess Shale | Reviewer: Joe | 9/7/08

I always misunderstood the lyrics of this song. I thought that it was about evolution. I thought they said the Burgess Shale it's a lonely view referring to the proof of evolution and the fact that it is not popular. Joe

Scar Tissue | Reviewer: Eddie Whitlock | 4/9/08

I was reading the book HANNIBAL when I first heard "Scar Tissue." There are several lines in the song that connect to that novel (by Thomas Harris) so well that I wondered if there had been an intention in the lyrics.

Anybody else notice this? I had really hoped that Harris & RHCP would collaborate on a joint project.

amazing. | Reviewer: Alexa :D | 3/9/07

This is by far my favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers song. It's so amazing.

ahhh... | Reviewer: Chloe | 1/28/07

this song makes my heart melt...i love it so much

coolio | Reviewer: Lola | 8/11/04

this songs great. this bands great. what more can be said in a review of it!?!!! listen and enjoy! xXx

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