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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Dani California | Reviewer: Delly | 1/4/09

It doesn't change a thing whether anybody attracted to the song from gh or anything. the fact that the song is awesome stands still. So let's just not being too subjective but see it from a different angle. People like the song anyway =D.

Yeah this song is great

Reply to Ella's meaning | Reviewer: Iamreice | 12/18/08

Actually Im from ND and "gunning for the quota" refers to what our cops do. They have monthly quotas on how many speeding tickets they have to write and toward the end of the month, you'll always see 'em with their radar guns trying to get anyone who's speeding.

Re: The Line | Reviewer: buzz | 12/2/08

Actually, I think that the lines:
"In Alabama she would swing a hammer
Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama"

are supposed to lead you to believe she was a criminal i.e. would have been sentenced to labor in a chain gang (chipping stone with a hammer) because she's wanted in Alabama. The fact that she IS a criminal is revealed in the next verse where they talk about her robbing banks.

really, man. | Reviewer: dude... | 11/26/08

Rockband and guitar hero help spread the word about these bands that everyone knows, but doesn't listen to. I know, the moment GH3 came out, everyone was all over One, but I gotta tell you, my friend jason, mormon as hell, wouldn't say fuck for a billion dollars, heard that song on guitar hero, then went out and bought every album Metallica ever made.

WOW | Reviewer: WOW | 11/16/08

WOW!!! They actually have reviews for this song?
well i agree with that one dude that says something about rockband people do recognize songs because they are in the game
so yea..its kinda unevitable
and that other person who broke down the song in pieces...well..yea thats so deep
it reminded me of english class though..

Well | Reviewer: Joshua | 11/16/08

I knew the song before rockband was even heard of. So when Rockband did come out I was happy because I am a big fan of RHCP. But I too get mad when people start loving a song only from hearing it on rockband or guitar hero.

dani is not dead | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/24/08

Dani is not dead I know who she is I swear to u all she is alive she us my mother her name is danicery ramirez and she was raised in California that is y they changed it to dani California.....she has told me this story many times before and she has been trying to get in contact with them but has not found a way...please help

The Line | Reviewer: ella | 9/29/08

To Julia:
This song has meaning.
Getting born in the state of Mississippi
Papa was a copper and mama was a hippie (her parents were unmatched, and they didn't want a child)
In Alabama she would swing a hammer (she worked hard)
Price you gotta pay when you break the panorama
She never knew that there was anything more than poor (she lived her life being very poor)
What in the world does your company take me for
(what do your friends think of her?
Black bandana, sweet Louisiana (I THINK it is symbolizing a gang)
robbin' on a bank in the state of Indiana (the gang robbed a bank in Indiana)
She's a runner, rebel and a stunner (like Kissin' Kate Barlow, Holes)
On her merry way sayin; baby whatcha gonna (Can you stop her?)
Lookin' down the barrel of a hot metal .45
Just another way to survive (I think she got shot)
California rest in peace (she has died, clearly her last name is California)
Simultaneous release (it all happened at once, or the Peppers just needed somthing to rhyme)
California show your teeth (be strong)
She's my priestess, I'm your priest (the people were in love)
She's a lover baby and a fighter (it means what it says)
Shoulda seen it coming when it got a little brighter (it was obvious what was to happen, with a copper father and a hippie mother)
With a name like Dani California (her name)
The day was gonna come when I was gonna mourn ya (he knew it would happen)
A little loaded, she was stealing another breath
I love my baby to death (she was beautiful, and he loved her)
Who knew the other side of you? (she had a secret side)
Who knew that others died to prove (umm idk)
Too true to say good bye to you (he couldn't bear to attened the funeral)
Too true to say say say... (its hard to accept it)
Push the fader gifted animator (she was good at what she did with her life)
One for the now and eleven for the later (she took one and saved the rest, and I believe it is reffering to bullets)
Never made it up to Minnesota (she was heading for Minnesota, but she never made it)
North Dakota man was a gunning for the quota (a man from North Dakota shot her)
Down in the badlands she was savin' the best for last (she was thinking of somthing important)
It only hurts when I laugh (he is remembering the secret she told him)
Gone too fast... (she was too young to die)
and i believe I have covered the last lines. Like I said, the song has meaning. A young lady with no plan for life has gotten in a bad situation. And the situation involved a gun. She got shot and her lover is mourning her.
I took some time to write out this review.

I believe I know the meaning to this line:"Who knew that others died to prove"

She was willing to sacrafice others to save herself from death although in the end she died anyway. This song opens the movie Death Note. The song really relates to the movie which is about a hardworking student who finds a notebook which has the power to kill. He sacraficed others to save himself though died in the end.

Rock Band | Reviewer: Tristan | 9/1/08

This is exactly the reason why I don't like Rock Band and Guitar Hero. Everytime they put a song on it, afterwards, when everyone hears that song they automatically think of "Oh! It's on Rock Band, I played it!". Yes I will admit I spent time playing that game and I can now beat everything on expert and I'm not proud of it but I don't mention it every single time i see or hear a song that's on it.

rest in peace | Reviewer: chris b | 9/1/08

I know this has nothing to do with the theme of the song, but everytime I hear "California rest in peace", I get both angry and sad for the fact I left sunny SoCal. NYC is a giant shit hole compared to Cali. I'll be back!

<3 | Reviewer: Jack | 8/8/08

Another Rock Band-er here :)

Before playing Rock Band I'd never really listened to any of the Chili Peppers, for some reason I just hadn't really thought to give them a listen... But I LOVE this song. In fact it has prompted me to download the Chili Peppers Discography, hopefully I like the rest as much as this :)

This song is the best | Reviewer: Danielle | 7/18/08

I love this song and even though I am only 12 I have been listening to this since it came out. I was youngish. I get 100% on this song every single time on rock band we just got it.

I like cheese

to Julia and the other guy | Reviewer: Aaron | 6/20/08

You are both right... kinda

Dani is a made up character to represent every girl or woman Anthony Kiedis has ever known, friend or love.

The made up character is a poor girl born in Mississippi who lived a hard fast life and eventually died in Californa.

The Dani character might i guess appear in other songs like Californication and Scar Tissue(which is where it started, Dani California is the end) even though the name 'Dani' is not used.

for blarg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/08

Dani california isn't actually a real person. She's representing every girl that kiedis has fallen in love with.
Ok. Back to my point. I think this song is awesome, and I absoulutely love RHCP. If you like RHCP, then you HAVE to listen to "torture me".

for blarg | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/28/08

Dani california isn't actually a real person. She's representing every girl that kiedis has fallen in love with.
Ok. Back to my point. I think this song is awesome, and I absoulutely love RHCP. If you like RHCP, then you HAVE to listen to "torture me".

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