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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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Your all kinda retarded??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/6/11

Okay your all looking for some deep meaning to this song, but the meaning is pretty simple. The whole song refers to a girl that he knew. The intro dictates her coming from a poor background. Then becoming a bank robbing gun wielding badass. Who is always on the run. He is singing about how he knows it's only a matter of time before she dies "simultaneous release" . The line "push the fader gifted animator" means "push the fader(like dimming a light) gifted animator(aka GOD)". Alright you guys got it? Pretty simple!

Who Cares??? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/26/11

Every time I look up lyrics on this site I always find that people are trying to figure out what the song is about. Who Cares what the song is about??? Dani California is an amazing song by an amazing band, so you should listen to it, duh...

Oh wow | Reviewer: Errg | 1/31/11

So you hear the song you think it's really cool you look up the lyrics and read the comments someone says its a rip off of some Tom petty song and you look that song up and listen to it. You notice some similarities and all the sudden you hate dani California. Why the heck is this people why! It's pretty gay if you ask me.

excellent song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/26/10

i think this song is about every girl hes loved because in fact as dani california in other songs refers to a girl or many girls hes been in relationships with. So all the different lines are explaining a different girl in his life. this is only my opinion but this is a great song.

ehh | Reviewer: meo | 8/11/10

"California rest in peace. Simultanious Release."

I read somewhere that this refers to Faith No More's album California which was released about the time RHCP album Californication was,when FNM was booted off concerts because of RHCP threatening to "pull the plug" on their appearance.

Dani California's Real Meaning | Reviewer: The Riddler | 6/4/10

one of rthe now and eleven for the later denotes the number "12" (the number for Illuminati)

The entire chorus is about the destruction of California. The entire song is a veiled riddle only to be understood by those who are "in the know" (satantists), The Illuminati, get it?

answer to alex | Reviewer: chris | 5/15/10

Alex, when it says "push the fader, gifted animator", I think it's talking about the fader dial on a proper animators workstation, so it's basically saying, "push me into darkness".
as for the second line, I'm unsure.

meaning | Reviewer: Alex | 5/4/10

i have some troubles with understanding these lines:
Push the fader gifted animator
One for the now and eleven for the later
tried to link 2-d with 12 bullets, but the 1-st line is completely makes no sense to me...
can someone explain it's meaning?

In disagreement with Nick (i concer) | Reviewer: Spades | 4/18/10

I'd have to disagree with you Nick,I don't nearly enough of RHCP. I'm getting Rihanna and Jay-Z and Lady Gaga, shit like that. It doesn't end!

Also, RHCP is getting old, so I believe they don't really have the need to become a poser band. Also, if you've read the book (Scar Tissue), you would consider otherwise. Plus, they took a nice couple of years off after Stadium Arcadium. I believe they're just coming back now, or soon.

But, we'll see how it all pans out in the next album, if (when) they make another one.

... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/12/10

great song. i must admit ive had trouble figureing out the motive.....and for those of you raggin on fags knock that shit off discrimination is ethicly wrong especially if theyre addmitting what you havent got the balls to

poser lol | Reviewer: kid morris | 3/17/10

I'm a hip hop head and I like rock but not that much but this song is pretty cool I'm from cali (even though the songs has nothing too do with the state lol) its a good song I wouldn't buy the album but I will download it on I tunes no matter what the next person thinks pos or neg its a good song so chill and enjoi it .........peace

To Tania | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/19/10

Mary Jane's last dance is similar in the fact its about the loss of someone you love. Does that mean just because someone else lost a love they're also coping him. If you compare the lyrics RHCP explained the whole tragic life of Dani. And Dani is the one girl a person can never forget. Since her name apeares several times through out their songs. So yeah there alike but Dani Califonia is her entire life in the song. And before you ask yes I relize she is fictional but the idea is the same. Like I said Dani is sopose to be the one peson you love all your life. And AK just put his feelings out in a really good song so don't start yelling at people for making good music.

To almost everyone else | Reviewer: Rawr (Travis again) | 2/9/10

It doesn't matter how many songs of a band you know, it just matters how well you know the song and that the song/s reflect you. Although everyone has different motives for listening to music, not everyone is in it to have a meaningful relationship with the composer or lyrics.

rockband chumps | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/10/10

I have to agree with hanna.. I know quite a few people that play rockband or GH and think they are the next generation of music prodigies when they can't even play the first few basic chords of a guitar. I play guitar, and I will be the first to admit I'm not so hot. but at least I can play something on it, and I think that's enough to show that I've taken the time to learn how to play and understand music, instead of people who are playing rockband and GH thinking they know something about music because they can press the orange and green button at the same time.

Awesome song | Reviewer: Janis | 1/9/10

This is an awesome song, and thanks for posting the lyrics. But I think that there may be one or two mistakes in there.
"North Dakoda man, was a gunnin' for the 'border'"
"Too true to say good bye to you, too true to 'say say say'"
Those are the only mistakes if there are any.
Again, awesome song ^^~

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