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Performed by Red Hot Chili Peppers

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the real meaning in my opinion | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/10/10

COME ON PEOPLE!! He's being clever about why he likes slutty groupy girls so much. to ride?! Get it? But he's explains the emotional baggage that comes with the lifestyle.

Gonna set your fish on fire
Pistol whipping of desire
**What do you think her 'fish' is? He's gonna pistol whip it

Sitting there in a silent movie
Beside the only girl who really ever moved me
** Meaning she is there for the same reason, they just wanna hump and she's cool about it.

Happy days but sad Im facin'
Heaven knows that Im on the case
** it's fun but still lonely cause theres no connection or relationship

A sticky finger and a wicked taste
Gotta a lot of love and a lyrical case
Be sure to write it in your book
I promise not to look
** He's an emotional person who can't seem to ever want or stay with just one girl so he'll enjoy it while it lasts
...and she gets a good story to tell her friends for making it with a rock star

The thing I love best about his writing of all songs is they have humor but still good story. His songs are either about his heroin addiction or women he's remembered. Read his book Scar Tissue and you will understand him and therefore just how clever and talented a writer he really is!


Bicycle Song | Reviewer: Red Hot Fan Grl | 7/10/08

I think that only the melody of the song is upbeat, and happy. If you listen to the lyrics I think that the song is about a girl that he truly respects and cares about, but he keeps messing up the way he treats her. “I’d hop this fence to make amends I hope this movie never ends” I think that in the song he cares about the girl but doesn’t know how to communicate he feels and gets frustrated, because the bicycle is a symbol showing it’s a cycle of many similar relationships. That is what I thing, but maybe I am being too pessimistic.

This song is amazing | Reviewer: Craig | 2/29/08

Whenever I listen to it
I get a huge smile on my face
Like its s upbeat and happy
Its an amazing song to bring you from the murky depths of sadness to the high and might mountain rises of happyness

comments for the song | Reviewer: venice queen | 1/11/08

actually i like this song very much. i love anthony's voice, as well as his cute lisping "s".. it's really sweet!.. a calm song, easy to be heard, and the apropriate one for relaxation.. through this song we can understand the lovely and emotional side of the red hots..

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