This is what it should feel like | Reviewer: Apryl Pearson | 3/27/07

This is an awsome song made me cry both on the inside and out. It decribes what true love should be like.

So glad I wasn't the only one... | Reviewer: Trish | 3/12/07

SO glad I read all these posts and thought I was just a basket case, cause I ball like a baby every time I hear this song ( I just discovered it). It ahs been rough cause i was engaged and almost married to a very abusive bad guy. It broke my heart when I finally ended it. Its been almost 3 years but its hard. It's been even harder when I found out the bad guy has a girl and all my friends seem to be getting engaged. it gives me hope though, that's what I love about it. I plan on dancing to it when God reveals the right one to me when I do get married.

Really Reason | Reviewer: Tim W | 3/8/07

The real reason that Rebecca wrote this song, and I know the reason because I work for her production company is that it is a song about how she is staying pure for her future husband, as this is something closer to Rebecca's heart.

More then just waiting for the perfect spouse, christ IS the perfect spouse | Reviewer: val | 2/22/07

This is to Almo's comments.. yes it could be telling us as christians to wait but i think its got a waaaay deeper meaning then that.. to me its speaks about us as the bride and christ being the bridegroom and the love we share was spouses to christ is so strong and how we need to keep out focus on christ and not on the world... to live int he spirt and not in the flesh

Wait For Him | Reviewer: val | 2/23/07

ps... read the song lyrics it's a love letter to all christians.. is our lover of life, our bridegroom pouring out his heart for us.. he had a dream about us, when he said til death do us part he meant it with allhis heart,.. to the point where he hung on the cross... its such a deep and profound song on so many levels but look at it as if he was standingn before you saying these lyrics too you..

Prayer Works | Reviewer: Almo | 2/14/06

The song is soo true because it tells that as Christians we need to wait and treasure our body until we get married. And also how singles need to pray for their future spouse so that him/her will wait . It is such a romanitic and truthful love song that teaches everyone the power of prayer and to wait.

powerful | Reviewer: shaun duke | 10/6/05

yeah, me too...the first time i heard this song i was like powerful and touching...favorite song by her...

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/04

this is such an amazing song! when i first heard it i gave me the chills becasue it is soo true and i dont see how you could think other wise.