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------ performed by Rebecca St. James

beautiful song | Reviewer: sky | 3/11/14

I first heard this song when I about 14 years old. I absolutely fell in love with it. I prayed to God that my future husband would wait for me, as I would wait for him. I'm now 22 and unfortunately I did not save myself as I wanted to. I look at the verse "Now I know you may have made mistakes. But there's forgiveness and a second chance" as if, even though I did not wait and perhaps my future partner did not as well, God has forgiven me and my sin has been washed away. I don't need to feel any shame because I have repented and made a promise to sincerely wait for him.

God bless you all!

Destiny | Reviewer: jojo | 11/20/13

The first time i concentrated to listen to the meaning of this song, God actually spoke to me through it about my future life partner...i will be waiting and keeping myself for him as God prepares him for me too....cudos to Rebecca coz this song was Spiritually written by God.

Meaning | Reviewer: Gods girl | 8/29/13

First when I heard this song I thought it was abt us humans and god coz in the song there's a line 'knowing it will be forever' but now I understand that it's abt our future life partner. And the bridge 'I kno u may have made mistakes....' I guess this line has connection with the 'knowing....forever' I guess she's trying to say even in heaven we'll be together coz even if u have made mistakes there's forgiveness and a second chance.
But seriously it's such an amazing song!! Being a teenager it makes me wanna wait for the future guy whom god has kept for me. It makes me wanna reserve all the love and affection for him. Hope he's too waiting for me.

am blessed by the song | Reviewer: Ermias | 6/8/13

it has been two yrs since we start dating.we are 22 and 20. she is waiting am waiting too... we are keeping ourselves to each other till marriage. We pray to each other and spend lovely time together...
Its true ... true love waits!!

my answer for will be Rebecca
am also waiting for my beloved one...

Just wait | Reviewer: Leah | 11/19/12

i love this song! it inspires me to wait for that special guy. many kids at my school, including one of my friends has aready had sex. and i just want to wait for my husband, and if he waits too, then he really loves me. Thank you writing such an inspirational song to all people!!

Many Thanks | Reviewer: Lm Moffs | 1/6/11

This song gives me peace of heart.One day,I as usual called Sarah Mako.When she picked up,I could hear her sweet voice singing to me.I then demanded to know whos song she was singing and then she told me it was Rebecca's wait for me.It felt so sweet and wanted more of it. Now one thing I can say is that this song is more than meaningfull. * Years re slowly gone by in the blink of an eye.Sarah Mako,u're my tiny treasure I hold close as long as I would. Always at heart*..

so true | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/18/10

this song really touched me. because in the society and the world that we live in today it is very rare to hear a song like this. i read the book wait for me, which was very encouraging and was a wonderful reminder that i'm not alone in my battle for purity.

Leave it God nd it will last... | Reviewer: Sneha Jennifer | 6/10/10

This song touched my heart the first time i heard it
its meaning is beautiful nd shows exactly how a young christian girl feels about dat special sum1 she dreams of

it gives me hope after a previous heart break but i no now, since i pray for dat special someone, know that our love in the future will blossom till the end of time...

can't wait to see u again hun!
hope u wait for me as i wait for you!
God Bless

WHEN I GET TO YOU | Reviewer: D BREWER | 3/29/10






TOTALLY WORTH IT!!! | Reviewer: Lilly | 3/16/10

i really loved and enjoed this song becasue its something very meaningful it makes me just think about tht special someone tht god has for me and i kno tht he does hve someone very special for me 2times bttr thn the one tht brke my heart thnkflly to god i've nvr evr in my life gne out wit anyone and im completly pure this song really inspires me to keep waitng for gods promise for me nd my future-Lilly

Awesome song | Reviewer: Esther | 1/20/10

This is one of my most favourite songs since High School and now i'm like in my late 20's.....and of course i am still waiting. i know deep down in my heart God has someone out there for me. So i WILL JUST WAIT, cause God will only give you the best.

brownie | Reviewer: Sara Brown | 4/4/09

This song reminds me that there's someone out there for me and for every other girl out there who dreams and waits for the man God has in mind for them. It reminds me that I'm not the only girl who will wait until I'm married to have a sexual relationship with a guy. That other people wait too. And we can only pray for the people in this world who didn't wait. It's sad to know that a lot of people make that older sister did when she was 16 years old. I'm 14, and I know that God has someone in mind for me. Someone who will wait for me too. Someone who will protect me and love me forever. I know I will love him. This song is an absolute inspiration to not only girls, but guys too. It says that love waits. And that's what God wants us to do. I'm thankful to Rebecca for writing this song. It's a wonderful reminder to all of us that love is a special and powerful thing.

sara brown

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3

I love this song | Reviewer: Helena | 2/5/09

I love this song.. I just heard this song like yesterday and i love it because i am 19 yrs old and i am still a virgin on this day.. And i promised god long time ago that i will not have sex til marriage til i find that special man in my life that is willing to wait for me and if he waits for you then you found a man that loves you enough to wait for you..


Its a special moment to cherish your first time with the man you marry

It will ok.. | Reviewer: Ashley | 1/19/09

I really love this song. I am actually singing it for a thing we do at my church called True Love Waits. It is a great study on the importance of waiting for these things as God has instructed. Reading some of the other reviews, I would have to commend Rachel. I had a very harsh childhood, and have always been very mistrusting of men. However, I have made my share of mistakes when it concerns them, and those memories are very hard to move on from. My adopted mom would tell me quite often, though, that "it will be ok". I had to learn to give it all to God and let him handle it even though it was and still is at times very difficult to do. I would encourage anyone to listen to this song that has gone through challenges with relationships. It really helps in knowing that true love really does wait. Just give it time and let God show you who He wants you to be with.

Thanks for the inspiration Rebecca!

how it works for me | Reviewer: Jessica | 4/9/08

well, to start off with I've known this song since
I was little and now I'm eleven and I'm just getting back to it. See it's been going through my head and I couldn't get it out. so finely I went to find the video on YouTube , and when i found it reminded me how much it means to me! cause it teaches me I need to wait for my future husband and that I can't give my heart away to guys that I think I'm going to marry but my heart can always can get broken in to pieces and hurt. But I just have to remember that he's out there somewhere.
I just have to wait for him like he'll wait for me! and being home schooled doesn't give me as much peer pressure in doing stuff I'm not supposed to do! And I know he's out there somewhere. <:]

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