An all time favourite | Reviewer: Bon Amosu | 12/12/10

I cannot recall when exactly I heard this song first but it was by a Christian singer Evie and has been a favourite since.

It is a song about the Son of God Who came down to our Earth to teach us about God because He is God. He lite up our world and the darkness has not and will not overcome the light.

I must light up the little corner where He has placed me from time to time and make that corner better than I met it.

A New Christmas Carol | Reviewer: James Barca | 12/14/09

I just heard "One Small Child" for the first time on 106.7 Lite FM, NYC. I was really moved. It reminded me of the first time I heard "The Little Drummer Boy" when I was a child myself. This is a wonderful song of honor to the King born two millenia ago, and also a song of hope in a dark period of world history. It also reminded me that this King teaches us that each of us are "Lights" also. I certainly hope I can be one of those Lights he came to cause us to be. I may not be able to light up the whole world, but maybe I can dispel the darkness in my little corner of it. It is going to become a classic for all time.