punk rock | Reviewer: carlos | 12/10/08

i was just searching REAGAN YOUTH on a whim, not having thought about them in several years. I knew the music as a teen from california who listened to indie punk and hardcore. at the time, their nyc roots were lost on me, it was just great music with a social/political message that i loved. Images of the vocalist with long dreadlocks etc confused me (they are punk; should he have short hair? etc) but it was the music that mattered. flash forward to the where are they now curiosity, and i found out that the vocalist committed suicide shortly after discovering his girlfriend was the final murder victim of some notorious serial killer. OKAY. what a crazy sad world we live in. i know the band has played some reunion shows with new members (2 of the original lineup are dead), and that's cool. keep the music and the message and the memories alive. Peace & anarchy.