Info. about the songwriter | Reviewer: Don Ness | 3/30/2008

Bob & Bert: My 85 year old mother informed me that my dad came up with the melody and lyrics to this song, while in the army airforce during world war II. He said he'd given it to fellow soldier Johnny Desmond, a popular singer of the day, and asked him to try to do something with it after the war. My dad was completely an amateur, with zero show biz saavy.
They apparently never talked again about the song. He died, at age 45, in 1967. She started hearing the song on the radio in the 1980's....and remembered it. I just started researching the song on the internet. Apparently, it was first recorded in about 1948. There are one or two songs with this title, but a different melody & lyrics. My dad's version has been recorded by Ray Charles, The Mills Bros., Merle Haggard,Floyd Tillman,etc. Anyway, this news is rather fun. I have a son, Jamie, who is a 33 year old singer/songwriter, who writes songs in this vein. Also, my Dad's name was Don Ness & my 34 year old son, Don Ness, is the current mayor of Duluth, Minnesota (my dad's home town)--if that gives me any credibility?! Would enjoy hearing from you. Don Ness

I Love You So Much It Hurts | Reviewer: Bert Woodward | 10/7/2007

great song,great singer of song.I have the ALBUM Modern Sounds.All of the sides are CHARLES at his very brother and i are high on miles,me 78 him 74.We are sure it was acountry hit many years ago.Can you help us recorded it back then.MANY THANks. BERT and BOB