Reviews for Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics

Performed by Ray Charles

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i luv dis song sooo much!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Nexus | 9/15/07

i learned this song in 5th grade. when I firts heard it i thought this could be my chance to learn my states. sooo after we sang it 3 or more times i had memorized and loved it! ^^

50 nifty | Reviewer: David | 9/9/07

I am gonna use this for my 8th grade test. My teacher said it was required for us to name all 50 states, capitols , and lasty there position I really hope this works. But my only problem now is the capitols and the states position. -_-

WOW! | Reviewer: lizzi | 9/8/07

This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. I am learning this song in 5th grade for a " Fall Fiesta" the theme was USA so each class sings a USA song I'm glad that our class got this song its great

test | Reviewer: michelle | 9/1/07

i'm in 8th grade and on the first day of school this year, our teacher gave us a blank map of the US and told us to fill in the states, i didn't realize how bad i was at naming them...i sand Fifty Nifty so that i could figure out all of the states before skipping around on the map...

thanks | Reviewer: kyra t. | 8/4/07

wow ive known this ong forever i luv this song thanx mr.ray for this song ur the best it one of my fave us songs lol

Still know it. | Reviewer: Christina | 8/2/07

lol I did this for mY 6th grade chorus stuff, I LOVE IT, Im the only one i know who knows my states in ABC order, and I can say them faster than anyone that has tried me. I love this song, Im not in 11th grade, I hope one day I can teach my children, or class this, I didn't know who wrote it either, thanks for putting it up.

i love this song! :I | Reviewer: ela | 7/31/07

i love this song and i never knew id be able to memorize the fifty states i was so amazed but it was fun to learn it in around third grade i know people much older then me that dont know the fifty states!!!!!!!!!!!

I love this song!! | Reviewer: Kati | 6/26/07

Omg. I love this song!! I remeber back when we performed this song in 5th grade!! We had a lot of fun perfoming it. I remember that we always wanted to sing it when we had spare time! I know every word. Me and my friends to this day always sing it just for fun all the time and it helped me alot in tests.

Hey | Reviewer: mia | 6/26/07

This song was the best in fifth grade we had to memorize it and recite it and I haven't forgotten the song it's in my mind.

WONDERFUL memories! | Reviewer: superbizmom | 6/10/07

I learned this song in 6th grade and helped me out greatly since then when I had to know all 50 states! I can still recite all 50 states, some 25+ years later and am teaching it to my daughter now. I had NO idea that Ray Charles did this song! Thanks for the site!

I LUVV THIS SONG | Reviewer: shanee | 6/8/07

ive been looking for the lyrics 4 ever! this song owns! i luvv it. (:. thanks to this song i could finish my state test in 5th grade. this is awsome. kool song.

Stuck in head man! Stuck in head! | Reviewer: Taelor Allen | 6/5/07

I thought that the song was awesome. I just learned it a couple months ago and I still have it stuck in my head. It is like a piece of gum in your hair and you can't get it out. Yeh. I am From Wisconsin and when we said the state we have been to we would raise our hands and I almost raised my hand for every state.

fifty nifity | Reviewer: nikki | 6/5/07

when i had heard we were going to sing this song i said i know it by heart.I AM IN THE 5th grade

childhood | Reviewer: john schaefer | 6/4/07

we sang this song in the third grade over 30 years ago, and i can still resite the states in order but couldn't remember all the lyrics. now i can teach my kid and start a new generation

wowie! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/29/07

I learned “Fifty Nifty United States” when I was in grade school. I'm in college now and I could only remember the song up to Georgia. Then I found the song on line; I’ve sang it over and over and over again with my 4 year old cousin and now we can’t get it out of our heads!!! Thanks Ray Charles!!

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