Reviews for Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics

Performed by Ray Charles

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luv it! | Reviewer: sophia | 5/13/08

I love this song! I'm in 4th grade and tonight I'm performing it in front of the whole school with my classmates. I can't wait! It was really hard to memorize, but after a few run-throughs with my friends, (we sang it on the 3 hour bus ride to our field trip) I had memorized it! It's great!

Still remember the song 30 years later | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/8/08

This song has come in handy so many times during my lifetime. I'm one of the few people who can always think of the name of a state because I know them all alphabetically. One of the best things I ever learned in school.

I still remember the song after 35 years and teach it to my daughter. | Reviewer: Danielle | 4/9/08

I learned this song in 5th grade. I tell my daughter, who is now in 2nd grade, the story of how when I was taking a test in junior high which required us to list all 50 state, the teacher acused me of cheating because I listed them in alpha order. I was asked to stay after class to explain myself. Well, after singing the 50 Nifty United States song to the teacher, I was given an A.

Very Helpful | Reviewer: Stephanie | 3/28/08

I remember when I first learned this song. I heard this song in class or something and so I searched for the lyrics. After 10-15 minutes of memorizing, I had the song perfecly stuck in my head. This really helps!

cool song | Reviewer: carter | 2/27/08

i really think this song is cool i have to sing this song for a school thing and i think anybody who learns it will be how suprised at the good lyrics and i thank mr.Ray Charles for taking his time to write this song and i say it could be a five star song definetly

awesome | Reviewer: nithya | 2/21/08

omg. i cant believe i actually found this song! i sang it in third grade and it was so fun and also help me win the geo bee in 5th grade! im from ga(and its the best) and im so happy and thankful to mi music teacher for teaching our class this song! it brings tears to mi eyes because i just moved to texas and it reminds me of home... and its an awesome way to learn the states so yeah. ok im done

fifty nifty states | Reviewer: alexandria | 2/14/08

I think it is a good way for kids to know the fifty states instead of making it boring for them,it is so fun my sister taught it to me when I just turned nine. I sang it to my music teacher one day and she told me I did it correctly and she was proud of me because we haven't learned about it yet and I told her if she remembered my sister and she said yes!!!!!!!The VERY bright one!

fifty nifty states, 25 years later. | Reviewer: Bonnie Akers | 2/11/08

I am a 37 year old who learned this in grammer school. I now am teaching it to my kids. My fifth grader knows it by heart and my second grader just learned the states. His teacher is so impressed, I wanted to find the music to it so I can spare her from my singing. Anyone know where to find them.
Bonnie in Arizona

cool | Reviewer: Elizabetrh Kennedy | 2/9/08

this song is really cool ,i think that it is bc it just helps children understand the importance of our states.this is a educational song that everyone can learn!!!!!and i think everyone should learn just the importance of our state is special u should think so to, not bc were free its bc someone made that happen!!!! GOD BLESS THE UNITED STATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Amazing | Reviewer: Elizabeth | 2/2/08

This song is amazing. Who knew it was by Ray Charles? All I knew was that it was some cheesy song we learned in fourth grade. We loved. I'm an eighth grader now and this song randomly pops into my head whenever someone says the states name just right.... as if it belong in the song. So I guess it's not that random. But this is one of the few things I learned in elementary that I can rember vividly and still use even now.

wierrrrrrd | Reviewer: sarah blank | 1/31/08

This song is wieeeerd. I live in Georgia so at my elementery school, we at the end of the list of songs we go but Georgia is the best of the fifty nifty united states... Iit's also shorter.Don't you guy's love I mean love nick jonas? lol.Sorry I love Him.Anyways Ya'll gotta go!

This song is amazing. | Reviewer: Brittany | 1/30/08

My little brother is just now learning this song and he's so adorable trying to remember it i remember when i had to learn it in 2nd grade and then i totally forgot it and had to learn it again when i was a freshman in high school. Looking backk it was an amazing song that helped me on half of my tests in us

LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Andrew | 1/8/08

I was in 2nd grade when we learned this song. Now that I have grad. I can still remember it. My cousin is in 2nd grade and she has to learn all of the States... So now I am on a wild goose chase to find the sing and download it. (Legally Of Course)

a brilliant song | Reviewer: marisela | 1/7/08

right now i am in 5th grade and we are learning this song at our school Brinton Elementary. i love this song because i get to learn all the 50 states.for now on, if i have to remember the states, this song will always be be in my mind

A song I will never forget | Reviewer: alexis | 12/29/07

This is a song that once you are taught it and have to recite it you will never forget it. I was taught this song back in the third grade. Now I sing it to my sister all the time.

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