Reviews for Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics

Performed by Ray Charles

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fifty nifty | Reviewer: iley | 3/30/12

thta is my favorite song i sanged it on 4th garade and on 2 grade it was the most favorite songs on the whole worlds and some other songs are also my favorite songs too that is the bessssssssttttttttttttt my favorite sonbg fifty nifty united states

I LOVE THIS SONG! | Reviewer: Stephanie | 3/21/12

I remember singing this song in 4th grade ^^ i love wowing my friends and family with the fact that i can recite all 50 states from memory IN ALPHABETICAL order :) love this song and is a definite for kids to learn

Glad to see they still sing this | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/16/12

I was just talking to a coworker about this song and decided to Google it. I learned this in elementary school at least 25 years ago. I still remember all the states in alphabetical order. great song for kids to help learn the states!

Julia stupid comment | Reviewer: Sierra | 1/14/12

Obviously this song is for 2nd and 3rd graders so how is it stupid it lets them learn we had to learn this in 4th grade for a ting call Ed frozen theatre for school we had a lot of fun with it, so Julia get a life

Julia what are you talking about? | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/1/12

I learned it 4 years ago in 3rd grade and it helped alot. It is easier to listen to song. It is a pretty old song and i guess you don't get how it can help you, buy getting it stuck in you're head. Aprecite this guy for writing a song to help younger kids. By you're words i think you're not a little kid. When you get older this song starts to get annoying, but for 2nd and 3rd graders, it helps alot. So look at all the other commets, and see how much it helped them or there kids. Julia, Music is music. Maybe you don't like learning songs, Or pop songs, classic,or rock, BUT we all have out own opinion and should keep it to ourselves So we dont get judged about it. :)

julia your have no idea what you are talking about. | Reviewer: erin | 12/31/11

They taught us this song in third grade and it has stuck with me ever since, and yes it has helped me many times through the years. now i am teaching it to my daughter and she loves it. she will surely be the only one in her first grade class that knows all the states in alphabetical order. i am trying to find more songs like this to teach her things. your an idiot julia, thats all i have to say.

Utterly amazing the ignorance shown here | Reviewer: Jaelie Star | 12/25/11

In celebration of the Bicentennial of our Country(USA- 1976), my elementary school did a play using this very song. To this day, the lyrics are forever ingrained in my head. Clearly, the comments from Julia, show she doesn't understand how old the song is or what it represents. Julia, if you feel like being nasty & critical, at least have your facts straight, because you came off sounding like an uneducated imbecile with nothing of substance to say.

this song sucks it doesnt help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: julia | 11/4/11

its a crapy song it doesnt help stupid people these days making up useless songs that make no sense this is a crapy song to remembering all the states and no iam not a terrorist this song just sucks !!!!!!!!!

It soooo helped me! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/3/11

I learned this song in 2nd or 3rd grade and I still know it! Since I'm French, it helps me a lot:I can brag on (hey, you know what, I can tell you the 50 States in alphabetical order!). You should sooo see their faces!! lol I actually looked up this song because I couldn't remember a part of the lyrics under the shower. You see how the shower helps so much in life...

pjdj | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/19/11

when i say pj yousay dj pj dj pj dj wat wat wat wat wat.ya is you tring to joke becaus man you smell so bad that nobody like take for a little bike ride.when i say halo you say polo halo polo halo polo

To Anonymous Reviewer from 6/20/11 re: To ok........... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/9/11

AMEN!!! You took the words right out of my mouth! My blood was boiling and I had every intention of blasting "sweetie" until I read to the bottom and saw that someone already had. I never had the privilege to learn the song but have heard about it over the years. I found this site while doing research on the song for a friend who has recently started caring for some small children.... who very much need something to do.

SHOUT EM SCOUT EM TELL ALL ABOUT EM | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/7/11

This was sooo helpful in school! I had to do a bunch of state reports and Ray Charles is da man! lols jk...the person who said this was for stupid ppl to would you waste your time commenting on the song or even reading it? Little kids enjoy this! so calm down :)))))))))))

4th/5th Grade | Reviewer: KT | 6/29/11

We actually DID do this for a concert in either the 4th or 5th grade. I still remember this song and its been 2 or 3 years.... This song helped me remember the states, and helped me when doing ABC order for Social Studies!

To ok........... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/11

"ok.........u pple out there that think this song is amazing ITS A SONG!!!!! pple u going like nuts over this ur relly sad i mean who cares? its a freking song!!!!! its nota consort song or any thing else its like a 4th grade song for pple with problemss!!!! thats like what every body thats not crazy thiks"

Stay in school sweetie, it appears that you still need learn how to spell and write. By the way, if it was a concert song, it would be no different. As you said, it is a song... and that's the same if it was in a concert. It wasn't a song for people with problems learning the states, it was the Educational System using a different method to teach ALL kids the State's names. You being a mere child, assumed by the impression that your words perceive, raised in today's society where you all are selfish brats, do not understand that this song is just a trigger object for us older people who sang this song as kids and are remembering our youths and how simpler they were back then.

:) | Reviewer: Hannah's Mom | 6/1/11

My little girl asked me to list all the states for her... I instantly remembered this song from Mrs. Wilson's music class in elem. school. I told my little girl, I would find the lyrics so she could learn it this summer! A fun way to learn all the states!!!
***She then said I sung horrible and was getting on her nerves :)

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