good song! | Reviewer: Rachel | 9/20/14

This is a really good song .I am in 5th grade and I have to sing it at my first of the year PTA meeting and my math teacher (she rocks!)Ms Webb is teaching it to us and im having fun learning the names of all the states.

I learned this song in... was it 2nd grade? I wanted to sing it to my granddaughters but found I'd forgotten the tune in the middle ('round about Massachusetts), so I Googled it and found that it was credited to Ray Charles. Naturally I was a bit surprised - it doesn't really seem like his style - and, sure enough, it's a different guy. Here's his Wikipedia page:

My One Love | Reviewer: Juicy Russy | 6/10/14

What a beautiful, exceptional, and educational song. It really touches my heart as I often sing it to my infants, in hopes of them becoming history experts. So nifty, but not at all thrifty! I love America. God bless!

Some random title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/14

I like this song because it is catchy and easy to remember BTW those of you who are totally amazed that people can recite this w/o looking at the lyrics, it's really not that hard.

oldie but goodie | Reviewer: Paige | 4/27/14

I'm 28 years old and learned this song back sometime before 5th grade. I don't remembered the teacher who taught my class this song. Heck, I don't even remember what grade I was in when I learned it but I do remember this song. I've used it my whole life. Even through out my entire college career, while taking a midterm or final, I'd find myself singing this song to help me answer questions on the test. This is a great song to help someone remember the names of the United States forever.

A miracle | Reviewer: Ingrid Vicente | 4/20/14

Fifty Nifty United States is the song we are learning at school. I liked how it go but I didn't know how to sing it and I didn't know the words so I practiced and practiced and this was a miracle that I know to sing it by sitting on the bus. Thanks to my memory I learned how to sing the song.

I just learned this song today | Reviewer: Star | 3/27/14

I'm in 5th grade. My music teacher was joking around and said "okay put the papers down. We are going to sing it without looking at the words." Then we laughed. So I'm going to try to memorize the whole song to amaze him :D

music to ears | Reviewer: peyton | 2/28/14

hey i love this song im currently in 6th grade i learned this song in pre-school it bring all the memories back. i can sing all 50 states in 1 minute (thanks to 50 nifty) so ya bye!!

So that's the song title | Reviewer: Anonymous | 2/7/14

I remember learning this song in grade school, but forgot the beginning and end of the song; only really remembered most of the alphabetical order for the states. I still tend to get mixed up with the M's and the N's.

California is the BEST | Reviewer: Reily | 12/12/13

OMG!!!! I learned this song when i was in the 4th grade but before i learned this song i didn't really know all of the states,but after i learned the song i knew the states by heart and i would be singing the song everyday & everywhere.This song bring back such great times in music class and such great memories. :)B) :P😊🎶🎵🎤🎧🇺🇸

we had to sing it | Reviewer: Claudia Landis | 11/18/13

I love to sing fifty nifty I sing it everyday I just get on my laptop and that who I had to praice it for a whole mouth and on nov.20.2013 the whole 6thgrade had to sing it that why I praice it.

song | Reviewer: Eve | 11/15/13

I learned this song in 3rd grade I still remember everything I even remember a song about months and times tables I learned in first grade im going to teach this to my daughter

Meaningless? | Reviewer: Carol Deml | 9/17/13

We sang this song in All City Choir back in 1978 and I continue to sing it! Every time I am asked if I can recite all fifty states (and there has been a few) this song pops up in my head and I have no problem! It's a great stepping stone for kids just learning their states in geography. It's a good wholesome song for kids to learn and is better than listening to some of the cRAP they have today!

important | Reviewer: Ella Trustberth | 8/18/13

I was singing this then I decided to look up the rest but I remember singing this in front of everyone in the elementry with the rest of my 5th grade pals in the grand North Carolina but now im in South Carolina being home schooled because middle school here is horrible. :(

All Those Years Ago | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/31/13

Greenmont Elementary School, Vienna WV - 1972 - Gary Bailey Headmaster.

Yes Folks, that is how long ago I learned that one :)
I can still beat anyone in the alphabetical naming of the our 50 states. Oddly enough, the lyrics and music still stick with me~
Joey B.