chorus | Reviewer: Mags | 4/23/09

I love this song because I have to sing it in chorus.
I'm trying out for the solo and I'm not that nervous because I
already got a solo for a different song this year. The solo part is...
in a calm objective opinion Rhode Island is the best of the...I have to sing in front of my whole chorus to try out!
It may not seem big but we have 110 kids in our chorus!

I have to learn this song... | Reviewer: Someone | 3/16/09

This song is a great song. As the 4th grader Im in 5th grade and I have to learn this song for chorus, but I think its a really cool song and i'll be able to learn all the states in a nice song which is really really cool I cant wait till my school concert and the rest of the chorus and I being able to sing all of the states in front of the whole school. So itll be real cool.

Comment! | Reviewer: Megan<3 | 3/4/09

This song is famous! im in 4th grade and we have to sing it for chorus and i hate chorus like it gives me headaces but this song is like calm,fun,and easy(in a way)
Everyone their was a kindergadernier singing this on youtube! i was like Umm how can he memorise it and i can't umm HOW!!?!??!?!?

Good song | Reviewer: Annie | 2/27/09

Right now im in collage and I still remember this song! It's the song that helped my best friend and I get through the year! Sometimes my friend calls me and says,"Hey, remember that song! I dont know why but it's stuck in my head, AGAIN!"

Everlasting Song | Reviewer: Social Worker K | 1/14/09

I learned this helpful song in the sixth grade. Now as an aspiring social worker I am going to introduce this song to the students I work with. Not only is this song educational but it is very fun. I know they’ll enjoy it just like I did. Thanks Ray Charles!

Amazing! | Reviewer: Jessica | 12/16/08

This song is the BEST ever I'm in college and I still remember doing this song in elementary school. I can't believe how handy it has become for me. Sometimes I'll just randomly find myself singing it. But it helps it's what got me through Social Studies in middle school!

USA! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/17/08

best memorization tool for the names of the states in the United States ever, someone should expand the song to also include the capitals, other than the Animaniacs of course (note: Wakko sings the states and the capitals in his song, search it on You Tube

wow | Reviewer: private | 11/7/08

Today I had to sing this song for our veterans day program. Seriously it's hard to believe that we memorized that song! I have it stuck in my head all the time now! lol. It's a hard song to remember and now I can say I know all my states!

Memories!! | Reviewer: angie | 11/4/08

omg!!! i did this song from elemantray school. We had a big show and everyone was invited. WE had to perform something about the states so we sang this and another song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love this song it brings me soooooo many memories

I can remember | Reviewer: Dana | 10/21/08

I can remember learning this song in 5th or 6th grade and it has come in very handy over the years. I am 45 now and have a 4yr old who has almost memorized the song. Better than that he can read each state!! I am so glad I learned this fun song. But what is even more amazing is that it is by Ray Charles how about that!!!!!

memories | Reviewer: vanessa | 9/24/08

i remember learning this song in 5th grade learning about the colonies. now im in 8th grADE AND I STARTED STUDING THE COLONIES AND ALL OF A SUDEN I LIKE REMEMBERED THAT SONG! SO I KNOW MY colonIIES! BEST THING I LEARNED

Wow | Reviewer: Shelby | 9/22/08

This helped me for my Social Studies test today.I got a B.We had to name the states and capitols in alphabetical order.Also,I'm in 6th grade and we are singing this song in choir.We have our concert for this song in a few weeks.I still don't have this memorized,but I'm close!I'm so bookmarking this.It's very helpful xD.

Beautiful!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/16/08

Currently right now im in the 4th Grade and 4 and 5 grade does chourus 50 students from 4th Grade AND 110 kids in 5th Grade we always sing fifty nifty at the end and everyone loves it!!! They sing it in classes, recess,lunch, and at random times we make up our own parts and we dance to the song in chourus!!!! Its so joyful and fun. Thank you school systems.

useful | Reviewer: annonymous | 8/29/08

this song came in handy today for my u.s history class and im in highschool lol. i won the challenge in class when we all had to list as many as we could. And, they were in alphabetical order because of this song! everyone was amazed lol

Fantastic Song | Reviewer: Rosemary | 7/16/08

I sang this school back in 3rd or 4th grade and loved the song as a child. To this day (I'm 51) I can whiz through the state's in alphabetical order and amaze everyone. I forget thing's, but sure haven't forgotten how to say my state's!!