Reviews for Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics

Performed by Ray Charles

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Which Ray Charles? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/22/10

Let's clear up some confusion: there are two composers named Ray Charles. Here is information on the R.C. who actually wrote this terrific song: Ray Charles is the stage name of Charles Raymond Offenberg (born September 13, 1918, in Chicago, Illinois), an American musician, songwriter, and vocal conductor. He is best known for a series of easy listening record albums which he produced in the 1950s and 1960s as the Ray Charles Singers. This vocal group also sang backup on most of the recordings of Perry Como from 1950 to 1987, and Charles and his singers also appeared with Como in his live performances and on television. The Ray Charles Singers (with Charles featured prominently as lead male vocalist) sang the theme song to the television series Three's Company ("Come and Knock on Our Door"). He is sometimes known humorously as "The Other Ray Charles" to distinguish him from the great soul musician of the same name.

The Ray Charles Singers had a number of hit singles and albums, reaching number three on the pop charts in 1964 with one of the most successful easy listening singles of the '60s, "Love Me with All Your Heart (Cuando Caliente el Sol),"

As a songwriter, Charles is best known for the choral anthem "Fifty Nifty United States," in which he set the names of the states to music in alphabetical order. He also wrote some Christmas songs and other special musical material associated with Como. He has also worked in television with Bob Hope, Glen Campbell, and the Muppets. He continues to serve as a musical consultant to television programs.

OMG!!! | Reviewer: Christy | 11/3/09

omg i cant belive that this song is here! I have to sing thisat my school so we hold up streamers when we say washington is the best of the fifty nifty united states.Also when we say in the USA we have to hold up cards that say usa and wave our streamers.but only fifth grade sings fifty nifty united states.

Who knew? | Reviewer: katgut | 9/26/09

My daughter sang this when she was in elementary school 13 years ago. I loved it then, and still do. I use it to teach my students - but I never knew Ray Charles wrote it!!! The world never ceases to amaze me! Thanks...

Wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

I had thought of this song a little earlier, but couldn't remembe some of the lyrics. this brings me back to elementry school, back then i had trouble learning it, anfdto this day i still have some issues with it, but it is great to hhave this.

amazing!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/14/09

i had to sing this song in 5th grade and we learned it in two days beacuse our teacher didnt want us looking at the words so she made us sing it from what we heard then we had to sing it in front of school now its real hard to remember it and i wish i did i cant remember up intill main

memories | Reviewer: Kira | 7/27/09

Wow, I feel a little rushed- my elementary school had us learn that song in 1st grade! I could never remember 'in a calm objective opinion', but after was easy 'cause Kansas fit into the song perfectly. I'm in college now &, after 14yrs since I learned this great song, I still remember it! My choir teacher would be so proud, even just to know I still sing- though I'm not sure on the state, since I moved to Oregon. Kansas' still my favorite by a long shot lol

awesome | Reviewer: Locita | 7/14/09

this is an amazing song...i learned it like 4th or 5th grade and i still know it word for word and i graduated high school a year ago and am in college i cant believe i remember it...its an great way to show your patriotism for your country also its a catchy fun sing along.....

how many ststes in the u.s.a ? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/20/09

I loved to sing this song in third grade. Everyone in my class had to learn it for flag day. I could not believe that I would ever learn and memorize this song. Some times I would just lip sing but finally I got it. Now it helps me in social studies. If my teacher says: "quick how many states are there in the u.s.a?" I would say "50 of course."

So helpful | Reviewer: (: | 5/27/09

I remember back in fifth grade we had to sing this. I did memorize it but after a year or so - I'm going into eight grade - I forgot the order past Montana and I'm trying to remember it again. This is a great song, though.

I learned this song in 3rd grade....... | Reviewer: lili | 5/5/09

Well in 3rd grade we had to learn this song! It was so hard at first but we got the hang of it. Also we had to hold up the signs to make it easier. But that made it way easier to learn it was really fun. My teacher was the nicest to learn at.

chorus | Reviewer: Mags | 4/23/09

I love this song because I have to sing it in chorus.
I'm trying out for the solo and I'm not that nervous because I
already got a solo for a different song this year. The solo part is...
in a calm objective opinion Rhode Island is the best of the...I have to sing in front of my whole chorus to try out!
It may not seem big but we have 110 kids in our chorus!

I have to learn this song... | Reviewer: Someone | 3/16/09

This song is a great song. As the 4th grader Im in 5th grade and I have to learn this song for chorus, but I think its a really cool song and i'll be able to learn all the states in a nice song which is really really cool I cant wait till my school concert and the rest of the chorus and I being able to sing all of the states in front of the whole school. So itll be real cool.

Comment! | Reviewer: Megan<3 | 3/4/09

This song is famous! im in 4th grade and we have to sing it for chorus and i hate chorus like it gives me headaces but this song is like calm,fun,and easy(in a way)
Everyone their was a kindergadernier singing this on youtube! i was like Umm how can he memorise it and i can't umm HOW!!?!??!?!?

Good song | Reviewer: Annie | 2/27/09

Right now im in collage and I still remember this song! It's the song that helped my best friend and I get through the year! Sometimes my friend calls me and says,"Hey, remember that song! I dont know why but it's stuck in my head, AGAIN!"

Everlasting Song | Reviewer: Social Worker K | 1/14/09

I learned this helpful song in the sixth grade. Now as an aspiring social worker I am going to introduce this song to the students I work with. Not only is this song educational but it is very fun. I know they’ll enjoy it just like I did. Thanks Ray Charles!

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