Reviews for Fifty Nifty United States Lyrics

Performed by Ray Charles

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hi we love fifty nifty | Reviewer: allyson | 5/26/07

hey were going to start in 5th grade this year by allyson

Cool | Reviewer: dylan | 5/27/07

This song is great. The first time I sang it I was in music class at school. I didn't know Ray Charles wrote and sang this song. I got payed $2 in fake class money for singing this song w/o the song playing.

ausome | Reviewer: hae jung | 5/24/07

my fifth grade class is singing thisfor our graduation, but we're singing 'in our calm objective opinion' instead of whatever was up there but this song is so fun to sing!LOL

The 'Way back' machine - in 1974 | Reviewer: Kasey | 5/23/07

Way back in '74 I was in 5th grade & learned this song. Very easy to remember if you take it in short sections. My kids knew it by 1st grade & all who were taught, are certainly Proud to know them!
Wish there were more songs to teach lessons in school...I'm sure we'd all remember LOTS more!

my review | Reviewer: elise | 5/20/07

is there different way to teach this song? because i had learned a differnt way to sing fifty niffty. and according to my friend to the left of me she says that her way is better.. but i have to disagree with her.
thank you.. elise and tesha

Wow... | Reviewer: Annaliz | 5/15/07

I sang this song when I was in fifth grade back in 1993, and I can't believe they still sing this song in class! It's an amazing song that has made me remember all the states to this day in order!!

this song is amazing | Reviewer: daniela | 5/12/07

this song has a really good tune i think that it could be lisnted to by any one if you think the same email me at

a hopefuly usefull song | Reviewer: cindy | 5/5/07

I'm in forth grade, and my music teacher is making 100 forth graders learn and memorize the song in one week! Luckey for me that I arridey learned and memorized half of it in two days, or she'll kill me! I still have to do a lot of stuff, so I hope that learning and memorizing the song like crazy pays off, or I'm red hot mad!

this song is cool | Reviewer: monica | 5/5/07

this song id real cool and i like it i wish i knew it all

I CAN'T BELEIVE THIS SONG IS REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/5/07

My crazy music teacher in elementary school made us sing this song, but I thought she made it up. I don't know why , but we had to sing it a 5th grade graduation! IT SUCKED BALLS!!!!

We Learned it in school, for ALL fith graders | Reviewer: Sienna Mosher | 5/3/07

I think that the song is excellent and interesting to people that have knowledge of the beginning and through-out the years of the "13 original colonies." The only thinbg I don't like, (Which isn't the songs fault,) is that Vermont was the 14th colony, not one of the 13 colonies. (Too bad for us!!!!)

My son's Kindergarten class learned "Fifty Nifty" | Reviewer: Rene | 4/23/07

It was so cute and very impressive to hear 4 and 5 year olds singing all the states in alphabetical order. Our family & friends thought that our son was a genius! He's in second grade now and we still make him "show off" with it. He can rattle off all 50 in under a minute. Should be required for every student in the U.S.

gabby girls | Reviewer: gabby | 4/23/07

I love this song sooo much like can you fax it to

Fifty Nifty | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/17/07

i have never been taught this song!! im in the sixth grade and was very frustrated when i learned we have to take a test on the states and i havent learned them yet...........what a bummer.......well hope i dont flunk..!!

DUDE THIS SONG ROCKS | Reviewer: christie hutira | 4/12/07

My chorus is singing this everyone loves it .We all have learned the states in alphebeticle order and we're only in 4th grade.Our chorus teacher gave us motions to do and they go right along with the song.Everybody enjoys it.We love how the tune goes.This will really help us when we get older.thanks for making this song!

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