I like this song | Reviewer: Ashley b | 5/30/13

I'm currently In 4th grade and we have to learn the song. Our music teachers daughter is 4 and knows the hole song with out looking at the words !!!
She showed us a video📹

MEMORY | Reviewer: Abby | 5/21/13

When I was in kindergarten we did this song for our kindergarten graduation and when I hear it i cry because it makes me think of how young and innocent i was now i am in middle school and i am the one that everybody always blames for things because i am the one who usually always does it and I am the loudest one out of everybody in middle school.

animusic | Reviewer: madison | 4/22/13

im in 4th grade and were singing a 5th grade song! i watch "animusic" which is like robotic insruments playing or/and there is lazers that make sounds!btw my favorite state is California!!!!!!!!!!!!anyone know where Georgia is?<3

They do! | Reviewer: Kara | 4/21/13

My school still teaches this song! I am in 4th grade currently and came here in the middle of 3rd, a few weeks after they gave the performance with this song. :( I'm trying to learn it from my classmates and believe me, its hard to learn without a music teacher.

Best song ever | Reviewer: Kate | 4/19/13

I'm in 5th grade now and we are starting to learn it. I have lisoned to it for the past 6 years so it like I memerized it (but not the stats ) my 2 favorite parts are when when we say the stats that start with"new" and the other one is the "Ohio". The only thing is we have to memoriz the song the one by one we have to sing it in front of the middle school course teacher and not by our own music teacher. That stinks. But I love this song!!!! (I can't believe that we haft to take the state test in music, art, gym, and, library.)

Love love love | Reviewer: Ashlee | 4/11/13

I absolutely love this song and still remember it from elementary school. We would sing it and sing it and sing it in music class and then we got to give a performance to our families singing the song. I have a niece in fifth grade and she has not learned this song yet and it saddens me. Why are schools not teaching this song to children?

Texas is the Best! | Reviewer: KayBee1128 | 3/14/13

I still sing this song from fifth grade. I was just reminiscing with my cousin and she said she never learned it. I was horrified! How did you pass fifth grade without learning this song! I love this song.

Good old memories! | Reviewer: Anna | 2/27/13

Lol, when i was in elementary school all we would do in music class was sing, and sing! One of the songs we had to memorize and perform in front of everybody in our class, was this one!!

Great song | Reviewer: Sdirvin | 1/5/13

I actually learned this song from my sister when we were in school. I guess they decided to skip my class but anyways I'm getting ready to teach this to my 8 and 11 year old. I hate they don't do things like this anymore in school.

Ironic Statement About Reviews In General | Reviewer: Jeff | 12/20/12

OK, I just have to say, that although I 100% agree with the sentiment everyone since Julia has made about unintelligent she must be, I must say, some of you really need to take a step back and re-read what you just wrote about a meaningless review on a meaningless website, this is sing365.com people not some prestigious site with critically acclaimed reviews by the world's leading critics!! Is it really bad enough to say that it made your blood boil? Does it justify saying her mother is stupid? I just marvel at the amount of energy spent on the most insignificant of things (note the title, ironic I'm trying to tell everyone how pointless it is to make such a fuss about internet comments by making a fuss, although it's hopefully more eloquent than the "yo mamma is so stupid" response from the person who needs to look in the mirror maybe?

To Shirley,
while I agree with most of your comments, I do have to ask, does it change your life in any way whatsoever, positive or negative, when a younger person dances in a way you deem filthy? I bleed American red, white & blue, don't confuse that with this criticism, but a lot of people have fought, and died, A LOT, so the young lady can make the statement she just made, ignorant or not, it's the perfect example of the greatness our country was founded on... and your ability to do the same, and let it bother you enough to point your cane at us wildly with the "when I was young, 15 miles to school, uphill, both ways, barefoot" rant... and my right to make fun of you for letting it bother you... While some of it is distasteful at best, it's what they want, and they aren't forcing you to watch it, whether on a video online, TV, or in person, so please, if something offends you THAT much, change the channel, or avert your eyes. Don't go blasting the youth of today for it, it makes you close minded. Your parents thought you were being TOO PROMISCUOUS when your skirt was two inches below your knee, so, also remember how it was when the "rebellious youth" of your time was just trying to figure out what life meant to them and what made them feel alive... It's funny to look at the cycle we all go through, being mad at the elder's for being so prudent and controlling, rebelling against them to "prove our point"... then years later do the same thing to our own kids... I'm only 26, but I feel 260, because I see the parallels, the similarities, in all of us, in all of the generations telling the previous two or three how lame they are... And I realize, at the end of it all, when the lights go down, when you really think about it, none of it matters, none of it... the insignificance of my life as compared to the entire universe, from the dawn of time to the end, I'm not even a spec, on a spec, floating through space, 34 billion miles from earth, undetectable with the most powerful electron microscope ever created... yea, that insignificant. so why don't we make this insignificance a little more tolerable, hell, even maybe better for us all and try to be a little nicer, a little more empathetic, a little less apt to blast strangers online with how stupid they HAVE to be, help a friend out, sing as loudly as you can. and live...

Thank You | Reviewer: Lauren | 12/3/12

I am much older now but, i loved that song I still sing it to this day. It really helped me through high school when I had to memorize all the states in alphbetical order. Thx sooooooo much.

NOT the same Ray, folks. | Reviewer: Lisa | 11/16/12

Not Ray Charles like this Ray Charles:

Last night you were dreamin', and I heard you say
(Oh Johnny!)
When you know my name is Ray

I had to laugh. "Oh RAY CHARLES wrote that?" Some of you all are REALLY funny. LOL

Julia needs to shut up. | Reviewer: None of your beeswAx :) | 11/16/12

Ok so Julia, I knew this song since I was eight, and its forever in my head now. I bet you don't even know it. And sorry for this BURNNNNN butttt you know what else sucks and is stupid? YOUR MOMMAS FACE and that's probably where you got your stupidity from. And oh yes, I doubt that you have ever even used this song because its smarter than you, for it actually knows the states unlike your tiny pea sized brain. Thanks for your consideration ( Note the sarcasm there)

Old school memories! | Reviewer: Kiran B | 11/6/12

I didn't even know this song was performed by Ray Charles until I decided to look up the lyrics a few minutes ago! Like most others, I learnt this in Elementary School Music Class and attribute it to being the sole reason I know all 50 States in alphabetical order off the top of my head :)

very helpful song | Reviewer: nikki | 10/30/12

I am teaching my eight year old son the 50 states..he has a ways to go..but this song helped me learn all fifty states in alphabetical order. We learned this in music class and I remember thinking it was going to be impossible. What a great way to learn it!