Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Amy | 11/13/07

I am learning this song in music. Im in fifth grade and it's the best song I've ever learned in music!

Kids now don't know this | Reviewer: Donna | 11/11/07

I remember learning this song in elementary school 40 yrs ago, and to this day I still remember it. I really loved the states part. I now tell people that I can name all 50 states in alphabetical order (and I have it down to under 30 sec). They are usually amazed and ask where I learned to do that and I tell them from a song I learned in elementary school. Kids now never heard of it. Needs to be put back in schools.

B.E.A. utiful | Reviewer: hailey | 11/12/07

I love this song it one of my favorite song my music yeacher tought it to me and my class it is one of my favorite song that i learned in music I LOVE IT !!!!

My favorite song | Reviewer: Moriah Durazo | 11/8/07

This song helped me with my grades thx to my teacher she was right I am in 5th grade thx for doing this song I love it I will tell all my family and friends about this song love ya !!!!!

look what this wonderful song did | Reviewer: jennifer | 11/7/07

my music teacher saw this song and then she tought it 2 the class and she said that she loved it and that we were going 2 sing tit 4 veterans day!! :O)

awesome! | Reviewer: rachel | 11/7/07

I'm a fifth grader. We're learning this ong in music, and all my friends are singing it! It totally rocks!

i love this | Reviewer: spring | 10/20/07

i learned it in the 4th grade and now in the 7ht grade i have to know the song in order to do a report and i hated my old teacher mrs. dogders the one who taught it to us.

fifty nifty united states | Reviewer: Bob | 10/23/07

Thanks for such a wonderful song to hear-and read!!! I LOVE YOUR SONG!!!I havent ever read a song so wonderful- cant wait to hear it!!!

fiftey niftey united states | Reviewer: Miley | 10/22/07

I learned this song in fifth I like it so much and it helps me with the states this is like a song for school I love it !!!

catchy!!! | Reviewer: Ella | 10/17/07

I live as far away from the States as you can get (New Zealand) but was told about this song by a friend and put it on my ipod, listened to it for 3 nights and knew it of by heart. It's a great song so thanks so much to whoever wrote it.

aswome song | Reviewer: diandra | 10/15/07

this help me with my school work ooh yeah im in 4th grade my teacher thought i was coping off someone else's paper because i got all the answers right.So i just want you to know that you helpt me alot.I tell you my teacher was inpressd.


WOW!! | Reviewer: shantel | 10/12/07

I love this song. I am canadian and im 19 years old, i never knew the states, and i have a best friend who is from michigan and she introduced me to this song. I now LOVE IT! I have it memorized and i actually was talking to someone the other day that lived in wisconsin who has a 3 year old daughter, and i told her about the song. Told her to get her daughter to listen to it. Its catchy, and its fun, its just a fun song to listen to and sing. Thank you Ray for producing this song... =)

Still used | Reviewer: Erin | 10/10/07

It has been 13 years since I learned that song, and I still use it today! Whenever I need to list out some or all of the states, for whatever reason, you can catch me singing the song to myself. A song that surpasses generations to teach a country's youth geography; now that's what I call a great educational tool.

SHWEET! | Reviewer: Trish | 10/9/07

I didn't think I would find this dang song EVER!
I remember learning it in like 4th or 3rd grade in music class. Now I am a senior in high school and I was doing a lesson for fun and it was about the states and I thought of this song. SO I shall say thanks to Mr. French my music teacher for prying this song into my head for all eternity!

Thanks Ray Charles | Reviewer: Sydney | 10/5/07

We learned this song in music class and are still studying it. I think it is great that Ray wrote this song and wish that more muscians would make music like Ray did.