SEX | Reviewer: unicorn 223 | 3/24/14

I LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH . Can I marry you? please, I am bisexual and I love you so much I would go full lesbian(; You are so pretty and I freaking love you more than any of these little sluts. Can you have my baby, it will be the most prettiest and talentist of them all. Love you bye <333333 !!!

YOUR NUMBER ONE, AND ONLY NUMBER ONE 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/18/14

OMG I love you soooooooo much, I want to put you in my vagina
I play you every night in my dreams, your theme song baby. I want to skin you and wear as my raven coat<3
your such a bigggggg bitch to me I love you

Hay gurl hay | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/11/12

Thatz $o shayeeeAhay. Omg rae ( Can i kall u rae?) You ar3 lyk so amasing i <3 u sooo much. i weesh u still be havin a show yo. Look for me when ii be older cuz i will be famus. im 10 dnt 4get meh im shanannay dawson. the chetah gurls is totally amazing you r almost as cool as the jobros PS. my stepsister wants to no if u had a babey

ragle fragle | Reviewer: shameranna | 5/28/10

raven isnt in the show anymore because well she's becoming a grown up and im only twelve and the people who are older than me has really bad grammar ugh i hate stupid people but um so yeah i like thats so raven too but it only comes on late at night now but im willing to stay up to watch it so PEACE OUT

YOU GUYS SUCK! | Reviewer: anonymous | 1/2/10

omfg. evry person tht has posted here is like.. RETARDED. not one of you is raven's biggest fans if you have to go onto a lyrics website and say so.
-NONE of you can speak proper english (except the 22-23 year old) and all of you sound like pathetic stalkers.. :/


- oh btw, the lyrics ARE wrong, as someone pointed out before.i hope you all grow up to be smarter people. :)

have a nice day :D

i for got it waz when she waz in her room and she waz sing | Reviewer: sophia | 10/5/09

i love you raven sooo mush i am going to ask my mom if she can get me v i p ticket to see my name is sophia but people callme sophie i love you raven can you be my frind bye the way when are you coming back yo disny chanale i have to go bye bye bye bye bye i love you so mush i am your bigest fan

Fantabulas Performance | Reviewer: Abhishek Mathur | 5/19/09

Raven m one of the biggest fan of ur's, or i must say m ur die heart fan.but m l'll much anoyed that u arn't in The Cheetah Girls The One World.I wanna ask dat when r That's So Raven seasson 5'll Come.i m Waiting 4 U n That's So Raven.Please Come Soon

Thats so raven | Reviewer: debbie | 9/8/08

Hey Raven I totally love you ur da best u know. I have got all ur songs on my phone and my computer and i am 22 years old 23 in december the 13th Im the biggest fan of urs one day im gonna come to visit you and see u love u ! bye!

xx Debbie Michel

omg | Reviewer: shelby | 7/13/08

i am ravens biggest fan.i love you. i am just like you. i have seen every episode and if i cant see them i make my dad record them. i have soooo many pictures of you on my wall you are my hero. i only liked cheetah girls because of you. and i loved college road trip. you are so funny. you will always be my hero. i love you raven

ask a question.. | Reviewer: miley cyrus | 7/5/08

Dear Raven Symone, why arn't you in the Cheetah Girls One World????** um i am not a big fan in fact i'm not a fan at all i just wondered cause well i have no reason. i'm having a sleepover party monday night at my house. Dipset isn't a real word but i will tell you what it means it means let's go or bye and shiboo means maybe everybody is saying these days. well i'm just going to dipset.well,, c u at the p-a-r-t-y,,partay well c ya there shiboo. bye.!!!!

a lot to talk about!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Num 1 FAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Reviewer: BRIA | 2/22/08

okay first off. "hello im the number 1 fan" Second Raven just give me two seconds to scream "oh my goodness!!!!!! i just love you so much although i won't scream when i meet you b/c im very much more mature and oh i will meet you.Third Raven you should reallt meet me b/c im very talented im like the BEST dancer alive and belive me i am im not perpetraiting.Last Rae"i can call u rae right?" you don't have to worry about seeing me when i grow up i'll br FAMOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!. NO SERUOSLY.

sophie | Reviewer: sophie | 1/3/08

omg thats so raven is great i have seen every show and now its even on demand so i can watch it whenever i want and those lyrics are wrong but i love the show by the way i just realised thta u were in the princess diaries two aswell ur so talented :) love sophie

I LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/9/07

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeey I LOVE yoor show and Cheetah Girls.I've seen every one,I have a question did you go off your show or did you get kicked off cause I'm arguing with my friends.On the radio they said Hannah Montana stool your show and turned it into Hannah Montana anyway I'm your #1 fan no matter what.Sometimes I think I'm you.LOVE mom wants to know if you had a baby.

i am the biggest number one fan of raven | Reviewer: sarah (12) | 11/5/07

i love thats so raven so much that i am her biggest number one fan in the history of biggest raven number one fans. i can not live with out her i know every thing about her. if any one says they hate raven they better think again losers. you should look at yourselvs first. at least shes famous and your not. if you were here i would be so angery that i can not say what i will do to you. i love raven and the whole cast that no one can take that away from me.

Ray | Reviewer: noor | 9/23/07

i love u a lot raven i loved the show and it is funny my favourite show was cheetah girls i wish i have the dvd of it i cant find it anywhere love u raven ur dad is so funny raven