My mom | Reviewer: Ramie Arneson | 3/15/10

Hi I am a 13 year old girl and my mom has Hodgkin's lymphome of the lymph notes and she has had it since i was in the fifth grade and i am in the 7th grade now almost 8th. She has had a bone marrow transplant, massive radiation, and tons of therapy and the cancer just keeps comming back. When i haerd this song i cryed so hard cuz i wished my mom was as lucky as the character in the song last summer my mom had a 25% chance of living if she did not find a doner and luckly she was a match for her self. I have had a lot of relatives that have died of cancer and or is a survivor of cancer today. I hope and pray that i can find some friends on this webpage who have and or know someone this cancer u can find me on facebook. And I will pray for everyone who has cancer out there in the hope that thy may survive to see another day.

my grandma | Reviewer: ashley | 3/11/10

my grandma and me were very close together. i was6 years old when my grandma had found out that she had cancer. a few months later she had died from brain cancer. that day i asked my mommy why grandma wouldnt wake up and she siad that she had died and wasnt coming back. i then asked her why did they have to take my grandma away from me and my two brothers and she told me that 'it was grandmas turn to go" and now lookinh back it was my grandmas turn to go because she was very sick and didnt look the greatest. now i wish that god would have taken me instead of my grandma because he took something very precious from me and that made me go crazy the day we had to lay her in the ground. i asked my mom if i could get barried with her because i didnt want to leave her side or anything. i was stuck by her side all the time. we were two peas in a pod and you couldnt seperate us for nothing. this song is my number one song and i listen to it everyday because it is so important to me i cry myself to sleep everyday that i dont get to see her. i just turned 18 yesterday and i still cry for her to come back but i know that it will never happen though. i have tears coming to my eyes because im writig about my grandma and the memories are coming back to me now. its very sad to lose someone that is very close to you.

This song breaks me down everytime I hear it | Reviewer: Danny | 3/8/10

Everytime, I hear this song, I just break down and cry..... because back in July of 04, my wife was diagonosed with Chronic Leukemia. Everything this song talks about is so close to what we went through, and the doctors were so right, they did take care of my wife, even now typing this message, im getting teary eyed, because I thought I was gonna lose my wife. Were both 36 years old now, and she is so healthy, living a happy normal life. I thank God everyday, for giving my wife another day to live and for not taking her away from me.....This song is awesome.

. | Reviewer: Cory | 2/26/10

This song has changed my life. No, I'm not close to any cancer patients. However, I cry whenever I hear it. Never has there been a sader yet happier song. I'm 17 and often think about how little time I have on this earth, but for people with life ending cancer, they are the one's who have the right to worry. It's so sad. I love it. I picture the whole thing in my head. It's a beautiful song. Her very first love, I mean, wow. Beautiful:)

Wow | Reviewer: David | 2/16/10

I really liked this song when it first came out because of the hope it gives to those fighting cancer. But now that my girls are this age of proms and dances and boyfriends, it makes me think of them, thankful that we aren't fighting cancer, prayerful for those that are, does make this grown man cry sometimes!! Kudos and Godspeed to all of you in similar situations.

Living Proof | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/19/09

I'm a survivor of a childhood brain tumor and it wasn't until recently that I've really been willing to talk about it. I don't remember very much about the ordeal, but I used to hate looking at pictures of me bald or losing my hair. I also have several visible scars from subsequent operations. It wasn't until after this song came out that I really started to be willing to talk about my story. It helped me realize that I am not a lesser human being, and this could happen to anyone. I am 19 now, and have been cancer-free since the age of 5. I like to see myself as living proof that cancer can be beaten, even by the smallest of fighters. To all children and teens facing this war right now, stay strong. Their is hope for a better life and I want you to join me.

everytime i hear this song... | Reviewer: kyle | 10/15/09

everytime i hear this song it reminds me of my gf's mom going through breast cancer and losing all her hair. her mom hates me but i still keep praying. so that her and her mom will have lovely memories together. and this song helps my best friend get over the lose of her dad to cancer he was 52 and got to see all his daughters graduate high school and go off to college. he was a great man. and this song makes me cry everytime listen to it and everytime i sing.

wow | Reviewer: Markie | 7/10/09

i love this song because i lost my nana to cancer. the doctors said they caught it in time so she fought it for 3 years. at the end she just said she wanted to talk to all of her grandchildren, kids and sisters. and she did. she told everyone she loved them and now she was going to die very happy. she told all of her grandchildren to be good, listen to thier parents,always remember she loved them, and not to cry. we all miss her very much and i cry every time i hear this song. i have it memorized for that reason. I LOVE THIS SONG!!!

this is a very good song | Reviewer: kristina | 6/4/09

this song reminds me of my grandmother she was the best granmother in the world and i pray for everyone that has cancer i cry when i hear this song its such a good song and it makes me think of evrything ive done in my past and i just hope everyone that listens to this song and crys just remeber if u have family members that passed awya they are up there with jesus hes taking care of them you have nothing to worry about

nothin | Reviewer: Kelsey Fraser | 6/1/09

My grampie has cancer, but he's really healthy, right now, I love this song and I swear, if my grampie dies, I'm listing to this and We Live by the Super Chicks non- stop, and if I was aloud I'd sing We live at his funeral.

This Song Says So Much | Reviewer: Jeanette Samuel | 5/11/09

This song is amazing. And anybody out there who thinks differently, is crazy! It says so much in so little time. I have lost two grandparents to cancer. Both brain cancer and the Doctors said they caught it in time, but there wasn't much they could do about it.. I have also lost a brother 4 almost 5 years ago.. it's the hardest thing to go through loosing a close one. Whoever listens to this song and thinks of somebody special and starts crying. I pray for you!

Uncle Mike | Reviewer: Devin | 5/8/09

My Uncle was diagnosed with leukemia, more specifically mantle cell lymphoma, in '03 I believe. He outlived anyone who ever had his type of cancer but the illness did require heavy treatment. After many years of chemo therapy, he had a bone marrow transplant early '09. Exactly two months after the day of the transplant was the date doctors said he would be discharged from the hospital to go home virtually cancer free. However, due to complications, he passed away exactly two months after his transplant day. Our family suffered a tragic loss and he will forever and always be in our hearts. RIP Mike

my uncle and great-grandfather | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/7/09

My great-grandfather died of a braintumour just before the 2nd world war. He died 2 days after his 38th birthday and left behind his wife and three sons, one of whom was my grandfather. My grandfather had a heart-attack last year, two days after his 80th birthday. It couldn't be more ironical. And one of my grandfather's sons, so my uncle, died of a braintumour at the tiny age of 1. It's all so sad and I love them all. And I pray for everyone who lost someone - be it because of an illness, suicide, an accident or something else. I sometimes dream of my grandfather and then I wake up crying but I feel relieved because I "saw" him again.

Love you grampa H, great-grampa M and uncle V.

Uncle | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/27/09

My grandpa died from lung cancer 3 months after my daddd drowned in a lake. We had to watch my granpa wither away every walking hour of every walking day and it was hard! Then the lord took him away one November day, now my uncle has brain cancer and doesnt remember stuff from an hour after it happens and i am scared this song is such a good song!! and has sooo much meaning! thank you rascall flats!

yeaaah. | Reviewer: britany | 3/26/09

so this song never fails to make me cry. but it's such a good song, and i love it. my best friends mom has cancer. she's like my mom since i've never really had my mom around. it's hard going through that. but to all the girls out there that are living with this disease, mad props. because you are the strongest women i know :)