i was diagnose with cancer | Reviewer: Delayna Haley | 10/25/11

i was diagnosed with Ewingsarcoma, its a rare type of bone cancer, on march 26, 2010,(my 16th birthday). the tumor is in my left elbow. my doctor said i couldnt have surgery to remove it because i would lose my arm. so instead i had 14 rounds of chemotherapy and 7 weeks of radiation. we caught the cancer in stage 4, so unfortunately the cancer had spread to my lungs. no im 17 and currently in remission. my whole family shaved their heads and they kept them shaved untill my hair started to grow back.

Touching | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/29/11

Touching & Impressive, I am a big fan of Flatts, this is one of the best songs i have ever listened to .. though terribly sad but makes you pray for all of those who are suffering cancer, may allah protect & safe them..

wow. | Reviewer: Lexi | 6/8/11

I first heard this song about the time my brother was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Its so real, so heart wrenching, I cry every time I hear it. With something like this, you always think it will never happen in your family, then one day you wake up to see your baby brother hooked up to iv's with no hair and circles under his eyes. He relapsed twice since diagnosis and recently had a bone marrow transplant, so he's doing great, thank God. Any way, this song has gotten me through a lot of hard times.

:) | Reviewer: Brittany | 4/7/11

My best freind and my youger brother have cancer my best freind has relapsed two times but gets stronger everytime he comes out of it. my brother is cancer free and i know hell do fine but i root for my bestiand am glad i get to see him this summer love you soencer

true | Reviewer: Piper Aster | 3/1/11

I am a senior in high school. When I was 9 years old, I was diagnosed with a type of cancer that I still can't pronounce or spell, but something is wrong with my heart. It's been on and off ever since, and last year at homecoming, my boyfriend walked onstage and sang this song to me. I was wearing a wig that night; I promptly threw it in the trash. He's a fan of the Flatts, and he shaved his head too. He's the best. Love you, Cole. I always will.

Rip | Reviewer: Frankie Wahrheit | 2/11/11

Everytime I hear this song I think of everyone cancer has taken in my family and friends. My Grandpa, my 2 Great Grandpas, my great great aunts, and my grandma on my birthday. And now my 7th grade english teacher is having a relapse. Good Luck Mrs. B. we're rooting for you!

big brother | Reviewer: Fawn | 12/28/10

When I was in second grade, I met a boy who is like a big brother to me. I won't put his name on here, but I'll just call him A. Anyway, A had a friend back home in Arizona (I don't know him) who was diagnosed with Leukemia last year. WE're in 9th grade now. He was so distressed, he spent alot of his time talking to me and crying himself to sleep. When he finally flew back to Arizona to see him, he came back changed and now he smile knowing his friend is going to be OK.

When I think of this song, I think of A's friend.


Tears Everytime | Reviewer: Lexi | 12/9/10

This song brings tears to my eyes everytime that i listen to it, because if you think about all of the children in the world that have this problem and cant get a date to anything baecause of the condition that they are in. It breaks my heart qand knowing this song is based on a true story of one of his family members it hurts worse know than loosing...

Sara Beth | Reviewer: Jeff | 10/25/10

I only heard this for the first time a few weeks ago. When it started I thought nice tune but how morbid, did he just sing what I think he sang? type of thing. Then the longer it went, the more emotional I became. I confess I had to listen to it a dozen times to understand what her date did in the end. Brilliant!

this song makes me cry every time I hear it:( | Reviewer: hannah | 10/17/10

The first time I heard this song I cried my eyes out. My friend Don was like my big brother & he was diagnosed with leukimia a couple of years ago and he died last year and every time I hear this song it reminds me of him.R.I.P. :(

Beautiful | Reviewer: Roz | 8/29/10

My friend introduced me to this song when we were on a road trip. I made him play it about 50 times that day and now I listen to it so much. My grandpa died of cancer when I was 13. He had it everywhere. It was so sad. He was quite strict and proud. I didn't know him very well, but I miss him. I remember my mum telling me that one time when she was walking with him, (he didn't have long left) he turned to her suddenly with tears in his eyes and told her that he didn't want to die. It's hard for me to picture him doing that, but that's what I remember most. It must be the scariest thing in the world. This song makes me think of him. It's so beautiful

Wow. | Reviewer: Becca | 7/4/10

I cry every time I hear this song. But it is just now starting to mean something to me. One of my close friends has cancer and watching him go through all that and losing his hair. Thank God he is cancer free today. But everyday there is a chance that that horrible nightmare will come back. You just have to take every day as it comes. I thank God everyday for him. He is so strong and so sweet. I don't know what my life would be like without him. I love you Dave!!!!!!!

bobbie jolene tiner | Reviewer: Bobbie Jo | 4/21/10

hi,my name is bobbie jolene tiner...and my aunt jeanie was diagnose with skin cancer a couple of years ago...when this song came out i sang it for my 3rd grade talent show...(that was before we found out about my aunt).then when we found out...this was the song that popped in my head and i cried.i pray all the time for my aunt...im 15 and i have the blood pressure high enough for a 40..thats wat my doctor said...and when i found out about my aunt.The ulcer in my stomach doubled in size...anyway...bye....its not as if this drama means anything to anyone but me...4/21/10

sisters | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/21/10

my sister is two years old, almost three. i'm thirteen. my life has totally change now that she has been diagnosed with cancer. it's been about a month that we have found out, but it seems like forever. when i first listened to this song, i was in sixth grade and thought it was sad, but didn't think very much about it. this was the second time i heard and read it; btu now it means something. i got the chills and started crying. this could be my sister.. things like this are real, before they weren't.. i love my sister to death, and would do anything for her. cancer is a disease that noone wants, but everyone just has to be strong, for eachother.

Holy cow! | Reviewer: Haydn | 3/21/10

My very good friend introduced me to this amazingly inspiring song and we sat on her bed wimpering. Well, I never met my grandfather and that is because, the year I was born, he died of lung cancer while I was on my way to getting to him. I have alway been told that he wasn't the best father but either way, I love him even though I have never met him and never will. I also have an aunt who has lung cancer and it is entering her liver I believe. She will be going through cimo( I'm sorry I cannot spell) therapy. They say that she willnot make it through the year. I cry for her and this song gives me somwhat amount of hope that she will survive. I honestly get pretty teary-eyed and my body tingles everytime I listen to this song so I avoid listening to it in public. Lol. I am only 12 years old and my thoughts on this song/subject is intensely strong. I love this song deeply and so many other friends of mine think similar as I do. I <3 this song!