grand father | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/10/09

this song reminds me of my grand father who had a type of lukemia they only find in kids and he was 82. when they found out they asked if he was dead. he lived three years after that and when he died at least one person was a wake in each household of my family when he died a night.

another thing is one time we were going to my grandfathers house and my mom said not to laugh couse he would have no hair. when we got there he had my grand mothers wig on and we couldn't stop giggleing. when my mom came she burst out laughing and we laugh too.

Wow. | Reviewer: AmyElizabeth | 2/22/09

This songs so amazing. I love it to pieces;;
It makes me cry everytime I listen to it.
My mother had cancer. She died when I was five so I never really got the chance to make her proud though I know she would've been proud of me. (:

sad and cute at the same time | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

my brother sang this song all the time and i would cry or get mad at him, because my name is sarah but now he's at college and i cant hear him sing.... nbut this is his song...sorta and its so good and sad.

Lukemia Strikes Boone County WV 14 Year Old Gril | Reviewer: William Huddleston | 1/28/09

hey i dont know who all reads this but these guys are going to sing this song for My BFF Kristen Woodrum at the Charleston WV Concert if she makse it untill then she was told that her lukemia relapsed and there was nothing they could do its sad but the lord might have seen something happen down the road thats wehy he is taking her well i dont know the only person to know is The Lord Our Savior all i got to say is if Rascal Flatts Sings this for her please say this is from her Friend In Boone County WV i love her with all my life and ill miss her if she leaves us so please pray plus this is a good song

I sang this for my school talent show | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/19/09

i promised the crowed there i wouldnt cry but i did

i think its sad because thats the worst way to die

well almost....

i have lost some amazing people to cancer not that type but cancer nonetheless

it was incredibly hard to watch someone you love so much suffer each day in agginizing pain faking a smile

all of the women in my family are amazing and strong and even though some of them i did not get to meet i have been told stories that make me cry

Losses | Reviewer: Nicky | 1/1/09

I think this song is a great message to us because it helps us remember those who lost thier lives because of a disease. Before I was born, my mom had a brother named Joshua. He was 5 when he got Luekimiea(I don't know if I spelled Luekimia right) and he died. I don't know what year it was, but it was around 20 years ago, so it could have been the poor health care they had then. But even though I never met him, I still think about what a great uncle he could have been. And my cousin Jason died January 31, 2008 because of a brain disorder, which made him unable to talk or walk or anything like that. He was only about one month younger than me. I was born in late June 1997 and he was born early August 1997. He lived far away, so I didn't see him much, but I loved him to death. At his funeral I cried so much I thought that soon I wasn't going to have any tears left to cry. His death is both happy and sad. It's sad because we loved him and didn't think he'd die so soon, but it's happy because now he's in heaven where he can do all the things he couldn't do on Earth. Not long before he died, I got hit by a car the same day my cousin Sara (or Sarah) was born. Luckily though, it hit me in my small neighborhood, so the car wasn't going very fast. It wasn't the lady's fault though, it was mine. My friend Minnie and I were running across the street to her house at night. We were lucky enough to see the first car, but we didn't see the second. The car's lights were on, we just weren't paying attention. Minnie screamed and took a step back, and I turned my head to the right to see why she was screaming, and then, BAM! I went in the air, staring at the sky with a blank mind, turned almost a full 360 degrees, and landed in a squat in the snow. I was screaming, but not crying. The lady jumped out of the car and told me to sit down, but I hurt to much. Minnie ran into my house and said "Nicky got hit by a car!" My mom and my twenty something year old brother, (I don't remember his age) Brett, came out. Brett picked me up and ran inside. When we got in Brett put me on the floor, and my mom asked me if I could move my right foot. It was a little hard, but I moved it. I wasn't crying or screaming, just in pain. The lady, who my mom found out was someone named Katie Holmes, came in crying about what she had done. Of course, I forgave her, it wouldn't be right if I didnt. She was crying more than I was. My 16 year old brother, Jordan, who I don't get along with very much, wrapped my right leg up. Only my right leg was hit from the knee down. My mom, dad, Jordan, and I went to the doctor. On the way there, I asked "Am I going to die?" Jordan answered "Do you have a heart in your foot?" I smiled "No." "Then you'll live." A lot of people in my church work there. Aaron is my brother-in-law, and his mom, Becky, worked on me. We know her very well. We went into the X-ray room and waited for her. When she got there, she came up to me and said "Honey, what happened?" I hugged her and started to cry. My mom and Jordan went out and my dad stayed with me while I got an X-ray. I found out that I didn't break any bones. I was so relieved. I don't even have a scar. I feel lucky because I know some people end up having surgery or even dieing from being hit by a car. Minnie is lucky too because if she hadn't backed up, she could have broken her leg. She didn't get hit by the car, but she'll always be able to visualize that night like it just happened for the rest of her life. I think it was the 16th of January 2008. I know it was January 2008, But I don't remember Sara's birthday. I was 11 when that happened and I still am 11. So remember to pray for those who are sick or injured.I know that this review is very long, but if you read it, thanks,

makes me cry! | Reviewer: amanda | 11/18/08

i love this song so much! i hate the word cancer because my mom has 3 diff types. she refuses to take more treatments. this is her 6th yr with cancer. shes beatin it but it comes back evrytime. my mom is dying. i cry just sayn it. im watchn my mom wither away evryday. she wont be here nxt year. my 9yr old sister doesnt understand. she lost her gma to cancer a yr ago. ill miss my mom but she wont be in pain any longer. ily mom stay strong! im only 17 and im not ready for this!

SAdness | Reviewer: Pinetail | 11/9/08

This is 1 of the saddest songs i have ever heard! My cousin's Friend has cancer... and he jus got married he is't too well and might die. He was reall really sick at my cousins wedding and almost didn't come, bt he did to be there for my cousin.

My fave part is the end it is so touching!

sad | Reviewer: dora | 11/7/08

well the song is sad i would love to say it was good i lost a friend a month ago to leukemia and about to lose my little brother leukemia to and its so sad because he is 3 years old he wont live to see 4 years old well the song is good good bye

touched | Reviewer: Sharne | 11/5/08

this song is so powerful. it makes me cry everytime i listen to it. i always try and not cry but once it gets to the end when her true love shaves his head... that makes me soooo sad!!!

this is a beautiful song. good luck to anyone who has cancer or knows of someone who has it.
hopefully we will find a cure!!!!!

people with cancer read this | Reviewer: Lara | 10/29/08

I wish all of you guys out there with cancer good luck and I wish I could do something about it its so sad to see people with it ive had nobody I know have it but I still wish you guys good luck :D !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.S. good luck again i feel so bad for you ;(

dark angel | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/15/08

this song is sad i lost my grandmother to breast cancer at 4 years old i didnt get to know her but herd storys about her. She was so strong and wanted grandchildern so bad she didnt think she ever get one then i came along and they said she never put me down she was so full of happiness and when she had it it sadden her tht i couldnt be with her.

sara beth : one of the saddest songs ever | Reviewer: ccc | 10/13/08

i love this song i am thinkin about singin it for my school variety show. i cry everytime i hear it because my grandpa just died two summers ago of some sort of cancer plus a great deal of other stuff. my fav part of the song is at the end when her date shaved his head

Jessica O'Neil | Reviewer: Melissa | 10/7/08

This song hits me so hard everytime i hear it, i lost one of my good friends 1 year and a half ago of lung cancer. It was the saddest thing i have ever went through, and i am so happy to know that there is an artist out there putting awarness out to people who have lost. Its such a hard thing for someone to deal with it. And i wish the best of luck out there to anyone who is going through it.

Sara beth | Reviewer: stephanie | 10/3/08

this reminds me of my friend who had cancer and wasn't at basketball for about 3 months and then one day she came back and when i saw her i ran up to her and started to cry...just listening to this made me cry