believer | Reviewer: karen | 6/3/07

This is the greatest song ever.Believe and it can and will happen.Rascal Flatts is to be commended for the wonderful words and the effect it has on people.It certainly lets u know there are people worse off than u are and to appreciate life.

Sarabeth | Reviewer: Courtney | 5/22/07

that is sooo sad. i love how they date shaves his head just for her

I LOVE THIS SONG | Reviewer: Brooke | 5/21/07

this is the best song in the world it reminds me of my mom when she had cancer

well thought..well written..well done | Reviewer: biangkerok | 5/19/07

I just listened to this song today and it really touches me. My ex has cancer a few years back and it just recently came back. And now she has to go through all of the treatments all over again. I hope she will get through for the second time and hopefuly it stays behind and stop haunting her. My best wishes to the band..u guys did a great job..

sara beth | Reviewer: davis | 5/20/07

I think its a real good true song and a sad one because this happens to alot of people and lots die.But this is a good touching song.

Beautiful Song | Reviewer: Eddie Sutphin | 5/20/07

Sara Beth is a very beautiful song. I feel a personal connection to it.

poor sarah beth | Reviewer: melinda | 5/6/07

when i first heard "sarah beth" i started to cry . It was really a great song to write about and i would be really happy if i had cancer and my first love shaved his head bald for me.I think everyone should atleast listen to this song because it can be really touching

OHH MYYY!! | Reviewer: Ashlee Sherwood | 5/7/07

Ohh My this song is so good. there are so many reasons its good!!! Well for one you can tell there was a lot of thought put into it and thats how i like the songs i listen to... another is that it made me cry and if a song makes me cry there are 2 possibilites that it did. either i cried b/c i laughed so hard at it, or it was really AMAZING!!!! muah

chilling | Reviewer: kida | 5/3/07

Sara Beth is one of the few songs that actually sends chills down my spine and provokes somesort of emotional response to the song. Sara Beth by Rascal Flatts and I'll Wait for You by Joe Nicholls bring me to tears every time I hear it and I can't stop listening to them.
^_~ kida x's and o's

heart warming | Reviewer: litle j | 4/30/07

this song makes me wanna help all the kids that have cancer

i love this song | Reviewer: kira | 4/30/07

i love this song it is so awesome but at the same time it is such a heart breaking song keep it up!~

Sarah Beth review | Reviewer: Brooke | 5/1/07

OMG~! i have to say that this is an amazing song. I first heard it because a girl @ my dance studio does a dance to it and i instantly fell in love with it. She really expressed the song! so i had to download it. This song has a great message everyone shou;d hear it. I'm not a country fan.. i listen to a few songs here and there.. i think this song can send a message to everyone. It touches me! I cry all the time.. if only you could seee the dance...

This is one dedicated song for my friend~:( | Reviewer: carolyn | 5/1/07

Every song in the world has a message but not as deep as sarah beth.Everytime i hear this song i pray for one of my bestast friends Marissa B.,because her mom had first cancer in the breast,now she has cancer in the bones and that cancer is very deadly.Everytime i see her i pray for her and her dad,that everything will be fine and she is always crying she hardly laughs at anything.I hope she is gunna be ok.Cancer runs in her family so Marissa is gunna gt cancer to when she is older i just hope she finds a good man to take care of her.and if she looses her hair during prom i hope some one will take her.She is my best friend now.Now everytime i see her she smiles and laughs at everythign i do and her mom will be fine...<3

Alisha | Reviewer: alisha | 4/27/07

This song is awsome i think everyone should like itt. i mean a lot of ppl go through this kinda thing and wow.i just love this song i pretty much listen to it every day when i come home from skewl.for all the ppl that have any type of cancer im so srry u have to go through something that horible an i hope u have family and friends there with u guiding u through it an i just feel so badd for all the ppl who go through this kinda thing.

speechless | Reviewer: megn | 4/26/07

this song reminds me of when i was younger. it brought back memories that i never knew existed. this song also is a skit on Operation Snowball weekend and it brings tears to my eyes everytime