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My name is Robin Taylor, I am a song writer. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/09

I have been writing music since the year 1...I must apologize because I am not a fan, nor have I heard any of your music. However, the majority of those who listen to my catalog of songs are of the opinion that I am covering your original songs. I would love for you to listen to a sample of my music and let me know if you agree. Please go to

amazing | Reviewer: Hayley | 8/13/09

i love you guys so much im a huge fan and i would loveee to go to a concert, ive had so many good memories listening to your music and sad but i love listening to you guys it always makes me happy and makes me want to live my life to the fullest

God Bless you boys, You are Great. | Reviewer: Tosan Blankson | 4/28/09

I first heard the Group Rascal Flatts when I was sick in my bed for days, Immediately I heard the song "These Days" I was Like wow this is great. I got up and rushed to my living room where it is being played on the radio, heard the other part of it and you can imagine I got relieved from being sick.
Thats when I moved on and got every rascal Flatts cd that comes out. Originally country music was what my dad played when I was little and growing up. I am An African and from Nigeria, so you know what that means to like country music.
Right now am doing my first album, its a gospel and its titled "Loving Every Minute With Jesus".
Rascal Flatts are my mentor with Mark Wills and Brad Paisley. You guys rock and God bless you guys for your great work and how you inspire people to move on with your lyrics and concept about life.
Keep it up.
Tosan Blankson.

Thank You, | Reviewer: Alexis | 3/4/09

Well first I got to say I'm going to yall concert this friday and I can't wait. I never realize that music can explain how life and everything is. But yall change that, yall songs inspire me to go on in life and to love what I have. Yall music is great and toching. I love yall so much. Your biggest fan! :)

Great look | Reviewer: Ranie Elias | 2/28/09

Dear Gary - I truly love your music - I can never get enought - I love listening to you sing - you sing with such love and passion. I know you love what you do - God Bless and keep up the good work. Great smile.

rascal flatts | Reviewer: caitlyn | 2/12/09

hey guys im just sayin these guys are amazing and have wonderful wifes and they are really just soakin up the dream out there. these guys are wonderful they have been through alot and I know that they will be the next country legend, They will go farther than anybody and are currantly the hottest band alive. There music is sensational and moving in many ways. they sing songs that Hit close to home like SKIN and What hurts the most. If I could say one thing to them it would be THANK YOU for making such wonderful music and inspiring so many young artists. you guys are great

amzingg | Reviewer: Heather | 2/6/09

Listening to your music makes me feel alive.
I love the song Stand
Because it makes me feel like I have purpose.
And that I can do anything if I put my all into it!
you guys are completely amazing!

LOVE YOU | Reviewer: Rachel | 1/15/09

You guys are amazing!!! I don't know what iwould ever do ithout you.. You are turly my life and i wish i could spend every mintue with you. The only thing i want in life is to meet you. You are amazing and i can't wait for "Unstoppable" to come out!! LOVE YOU FOR LIFE

Wow! | Reviewer: *Kaddy* | 12/8/08

OMG! Rascal Flatts have to be the best band I've heard ALL YEAR (2007-2008) I'm a pretty new fan, but I've made it my personal mission to buy all your CD's! I currently have Me & My Gang, and I'm gonna get the others! YOU GUYS ROCK MA SOX!!! I had cancer when I was a kid, so the song Skin really touches home... thanks, Rascal Flatts, for making the awesomest music ever. Your musical talent is amazing, all the harmonies... God, LOVE RASCAL FLATTS! If you ever come to Australia, I'm first in line for tickets!

i love u guys!!!! | Reviewer: Brooke | 9/20/08

I love u guys!!! your so amazing i went to your concert when u came to winnipeg and it was awesome!!!! I LOVE the song SKIN!!!! it almost makes me cry the first time i heard it i did!!!!
love ya
Brooke from winnipeg

Amazing | Reviewer: Nicky | 9/22/08

i just want to say every time you come to vancouver i come and see you guys. You always come near my birthday so its an amazing present. I love your music and i am a singer myself so i sing your music as influence. you guys inpsired me and thank you ! love you guys

Great Music for Great Times | Reviewer: Jesus | 5/24/08

For a person who grew listening to Rock, I am so glad for the opportunity to learn and grow with this wonderful music. Every song you all come up with has been a great experience.


Hot off the Flatts! | Reviewer: Corey | 5/8/08

Every time you sing Rascal, you make me cry! I Love to listen to your voice when you're singing. The song " Life is a Highway" I play over and over, it's my fav. Thanx for listening..I'm a single Mother of two girls and you "Rock my World"!!

I LOVE u guys so much!!! | Reviewer: Mary | 4/15/08

Hey guys i just want u to know that your music is the best things i've ever heard in my life! Keep up the good work don't ever seperate if u do i will kill myself! no joke! I wish u the best of luck on everything you do and that is "My wish".

thank you for your songs | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/19/08

when i was going through a rough time in my life,i felt like i had nobody,But when i listened to your songs they made me feel better and strong,your songs have help me look at the good side of life,especially the song stand,thanks rock:)

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