Powerful | Reviewer: Tina | 12/28/06

When I hear this song I think about my oldest son. He will soon graduate high school and it just says it all. What I wish for him ect.
There is not one of your songs that I do not like. Keep up the great work!!!!

For Daniel, Austin and Kendall | Reviewer: Kelly | 12/23/06

I LOVE Rascal Flatts!!! And this song is the greatest. My son, Daniel, is 16, and when I heard this song I thought this is everything I ever wish for him. This is for my son, Austin (10), and my daughter, Kendall (5)also but they are not at the ages where this really means something. You've said all I've ever wanted to say in one song - It sums it all up for want you want for your kids. You guys are the best artists of today. Most of your songs hit home and say for me the words I can't say sometimes to the ones I love. Please don't ever stop writing songs.

LOVE IT | Reviewer: Angi | 11/17/06

I have 4 kids the oldest is 18 and the youngest is 6. and my only boy lives with his dad and is going through some bad stuff right now. and when i hear this song i think of him and hope things will get better for him. And the youngest just LOVES you guys. Keep up to great work.

My Wish | Reviewer: Sheryl | 11/3/06

I love this song. I have three boys, 21,19, 14 and the words in this song is what I have preached to them as they have experienced "Real Life". Your song is incredible! Thanks.

Another awesome song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/6/06

Dana, this song is for you. It says it all. You deserve all the very best and I hope you find it with this new job. Rascal Flats, thanks for another awesome song.

My Wish | Reviewer: dawn wright | 9/24/06

I love listening to R.F. but this song is the best. It's so close to my heart for a friend who was a police office and shot in the line of duty 12 years ago and is a quad. I shall hold these lyrics close to my heart forever. Thank You Rascal Flatts for another great song.

To you Matthew... | Reviewer: Cindy Adkins | 5/5/06

This is an awesome song and for me it touched my heart for a man I care very much about that is in Iraq protecting me and ALL of US

From Michael to Sarah | Reviewer: Michael | 4/27/06

I guess this is our new song! I love it! ALMOST as much as I do you but not quite.
Love always and forever Michael

Beautiful! | Reviewer: Heather | 4/16/06

This song is so beautiful! The lyrics are so powerful! This is my new favorite song!