my wish | Reviewer: ali miller | 1/17/09

HI my name name is al miller I am from beaver ohio I am 19 i graduated in 2008 from eastern high school the song my wish is one of my favorite song that you racal flatts sing i love every song i wish i could go and see you or if you will e-mail me some time i am really in love with you and the others i hope to hear from you yours :
Ali Miller

For a lovley young lady who radiate's this song.. | Reviewer: DLM | 1/5/09

I met a total stranger and welcomed them into my life...Took a chance and so glad I did.. I have cancer and it is showin me so many lesson's and who r true blue to u in time's such as this... Thank u 4 not running. And bein there......

thanks kristi | Reviewer: jamie | 1/4/09

im 12 years old and my sister just turned 27. 14 1/2 year gap between us so she is just like a mother to me. except she doesnt have any rules and she doesnt yell at me. well anyways she just got married so she always going to be there for me every second. she gave this song to me, framed, on her wedding day. she told me that it was a christmas present, a present for being in her wedding(traveling 2000 miles to be with her on her special day) and it was for being such a wonderful sister. when i first read it i didnt realize what it said but after i got home i really took time to read it and i didnt thank her. i love you so much Mrs. and now Mr. Sanchez. =) ♥ you have changed my life.

for Ashley | Reviewer: miranda | 12/24/08

my neice Ashley is just like my only daughter. She got merried in oct.of this year. And i want to dedicate this song to her.. It is the perfect song to show the way i feel. I love her as if she is my own, and i want only the BEST for her.She has always brought out the best in me and our family! (I miss you sooo much Ash,). And as you take your first big step out into this big world, just always know that you always have someone who will ALWAYS love you!!!!!

to my bro' | Reviewer: mika | 10/26/08

my brother and i did not speak to each other for 3 years because of a stupid blowup, and for my 18th birthday and with my best friend's help he came and he sang this song to me with his guitar. i can tell you that everytime i listen to this song i cant stop smiling! im so happy we're now closer than before! I love You Bro'

Review about My Wish by Rascal Flatts | Reviewer: Janet Spann | 10/21/08

This song was played at my son's wedding for his new bride and her father's first dance. Not a dry eye at the wedding when they danced to this song. I loved this song so much that I watch the video of their dance everyday just to get a good pick me up. I am so glad I was able to find the lyrics because they mean so much to me.

My wish for my son | Reviewer: Jody | 9/29/08

I lost some of my son's affections through a divorce. When he graduated I had my daughter put pictures I had of him growing up put on a music video of our own with this song, because it said how I feel about him graduating, making his own decisions. He made his choice and I had to make mine. I had to walk away from an abusive marriage. I tried to wait 'til all the kids were graduated, but it was getting too intense, and taking it's toll. I thought I was tough, but I couldn't do it. He just didn't choose to include me-he chose his father. What little bit I got to see of him the last 4 years I've seen him finish growing up from a distance, but never will stop loving him. I wish him the best life has to offer. He's my son. If anyone has the strength, he does. He's my hero.

Its amazing! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/30/08

It sends such a great message. You can listen to it when you upset or happy. Either way its a very inspiring song!! I told everyone I want this song at my funeral because its just so beautiful! Every time one of my friends are upset I tell them to listen to this song because it says it all in such a beautiful way! Im not a country music person but I love it!!

my sisters birthday | Reviewer: chelsea | 4/7/08

I have listened to this song my whole life , or at last ive listened to the rascal flatts my whole life. Im 13 and me and my sister have preformed your song at many restraunts around town, I am now gonna sing at her birthday.sadly i dont have enough money for the CD. my dream has always been to be a singer, i know that one day my dream willcome true and you will be old and you'll turn on the radio to hear sing "My Wish"

My Wish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/26/08

This is such a fabulous song - it's probably my all-time favorite country song...and I like a lot of country songs! I keep telling myself I need to buy this song, but keep forgetting. Until I finally remember, I'll just have to keep eagerly waiting for it on the radio! Every time I hear it, I completely stop what I'm doing just to immerse myself in the great words and equally great music!