What a Lovely song | Reviewer: Marge | 2/27/08

I gave the CD to one neice who graduated with her Master's degree in June of 2007. I am now giving it to another neice who will be married this Friday. I think this is the perfect song for graduation, marriage, or anything where there is a new start. I am pretty sentimental and I cry everytime I try to sing along with it.

My Wish for Our Daughter | Reviewer: Julie Crain | 2/16/08

This was our daughter's 2007 High School Class Song. Needless to say, it is the perfect song to express what a parent feels as one watches thier child take that first big step into this world. We do truly love our daugther and only want the very, very best for her.

Thank-you Rascal Flats for this beautiful song!

A Message to my family | Reviewer: Helen | 1/1/08

This was played at a funeral on Thursday. It was so fitting because this young man (who was electrocuted last Sunday) left a wife and two small children. While this was playing, photos of Rocky and his family were being shown. Not a dry eye in the church -

best teacher | Reviewer: kiana | 12/22/07

i wanna dedicate this song to my teacher he made a cd 4 us wit this song.every time i listen to this song it jus makes me happy that he really cares about us so much

this a good wish | Reviewer: Stephanie James | 11/30/07

i deticate this to my best friend devyn, shes like my sister. i love her a lot, and this song helps me express how i feel. thank youuu:]

for my ex. | Reviewer: breanna mckeon | 10/29/07

i dedicated this song a long time ago to my ex girl freind. and now i am writing a term paper on lyrics and i chose this song simply becase its one on the deepest non-depressing songs i no
kudos for raskall flatts for making this song i simply love it to death =)

BEST SONG EVER! | Reviewer: Linda | 10/22/07

I love this song so much! I always think of a special person when I hear this. I love him, but he doesn´t know. I want him more then anything byt I cant get him to be only mine! I always want what I can´t have :'( But I feel soooo fine when I listen to shit wounderful song, I LOVE IT!! =)

The Endless Wishes for The Ones I lLoved | Reviewer: Hey You | 9/18/07

There is always two or three people who get inside of a guys heart and especially an emotional guy's heart, and some stay there since High School. This is for those very, very, very few I ever let get that close to me when I really opened up--all three of you for whom I wished a "Fairy Tale Life" and a "Happily Every After" all the years we were together and especially all the decades we've been apart and gone on with our own rough lives, keep in touch through email, and still miss each other but know it just can't be now given all our other responsibilities. Live starts at 50! That is only a few years from now and the last of the little ones will be out of all of our homes (Yeah, except for you Kanga, you have 13 more years to go, and maybe, who knows, our tears wil stop flowing.

My Wish | Reviewer: MIKE Wilson | 9/12/07

My Wish , Is Dedicated to my kid's I hope that they can listen to the word's and live life that way . I have four great kid's three girl's and one boy that Ilove soooooooo much

My Wish | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/8/07

This song was dedicated to me from my sister and said to once you graduate from high school she put this song never knew who were they until when i found out on the radio. It makes me to think alot about life and my family and friends and not to worry about other problems thank you Rascal Flatts for the song