hell yea | Reviewer: ris | 8/23/2008

this song rocks especially all the talk about beer haha cool guys!!! and im going to see you guys tonight along with my favorite taylor swift see yas tonight im so exctied

love you guys

and ps the guy who said that was cheesy your cheesy and rascal flatts is way cooler than you asshole!

Good song | Reviewer: Foffy | 7/29/2007

I'm not a big fan of country music but I think this is a great song!

pft | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/15/2007

I've heard clips of this song used as bumper music on radio shows. How cheesy. Unfortunately it sticks in my head so I wanted to look it up. Ride to live, live to ride... Ha. People who actually ride laugh at that.

YOU ROCK :) | Reviewer: Anonymous | 5/1/2007

Awsome I loved it. Im in the rodeos and I love countery music!!! :)

Awesome | Reviewer: TXMUSIC | 8/6/2006

Best thing I have heard in country music for a long time. You really rocked it on this track!!!
Sounds like Aerosmith meets the Allman Brothers.

I love it, keep up the great work!!!

TC the dilloking