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Performed by Rascal Flatts

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good song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/14/10

im in love with this song!!!! it is really good and means a lot. i live in a small hippi ish town but iv always loved the country thing. this song is so true. haha what happend to father and son fishing trips huh?!

I Miss Mayberry | Reviewer: Mikaela | 4/30/09

The song mayberry comes from the andy grifith show, i know this because my nana and papa watch that show all the time, and the place is set in mayberry, at the front, you see Andy and Opie walking down a dirt road carring fishing poles.
I LOVE RASCAL FLATTS FOREVER!!!!!! (by the way im 15 and watch andy grifith with my grandparents.)

amazin lyrics!!.. | Reviewer: kynesha johnson | 10/3/08

this is lyke tha best song of all times..i, myself, is also 4rm a very small town and i can really relate to this song..tha song makes you think about tha little things and it puts me n a daze to jus reminice on the past and tha gud tymes..GREAT JOB RASCAL FLATTS!!..yet another great song..

excellent | Reviewer: joe north | 6/20/08

another fine materpiece from my favorite band of all time. I listen to alot of different music but the words. The words in Rascal Flatts music. shows genious and composure i wish other music forms had. This song is so righteous that you cant help to like it. Bravo! Bravo!

The best | Reviewer: Anonymous | 6/19/08

I have no idea who wrote this song but whoever did knows how the good life should be lived. I'm from a suburban area and LOVE when I get to go up to this small town named Syria up in the mountains to just kick back and get away from everything. If only I could live there.

Wow | Reviewer: Jessi | 4/1/08

Everytime i listen to this song, i get memories of my home. Because i'm from a small town in Kentucky called Wingo. And well, a couple years ago to Canada. And its soo depressing not getting to go back whenever you want. My entire family is down there besides my mom and brother. I miss it so much..

Always brings me back | Reviewer: Regis Lovato | 1/21/08

Brings me back to when I was young, growing up in a small town in NM. Everyone in town new eachother. We would ride our bikes from end to end over and over, and relax on the porch in the evening after dinner.
Now its grown so much, and all the faces are new... It's a different place alltogether. My sanctuary is the crest of the Sandia Mountains, where I can really "Look through God's window", down at the once small town I grew up in. It's like this song is speaking to me!

Mayberry | Reviewer: abigail | 1/16/08

I think of all the songs Rascal Flatts has done, this is my favourite. It has a good meaning, and it is a great song over all.

I have all but 2 of the albums, but i am hoping to get the other 2 for my birthday!!

A song that grows on you | Reviewer: Melvin | 12/16/07

Rascal flatts has spruced up country music to the next level yet retaining their meanigful lyrics. Mayberry is definitely a song that is both that grows on you and yet is ever so meaningful.

Mayberry | Reviewer: Sarah | 12/3/07

I love this song with all my heart. There are few things that I feel as passionate about as the topic of this song. I hate the country life that is being destroyed with the development that is destroying the land. I moved to the city and I hated it with everything I have. I miss "Mayberry" too, my own version. The country, rural life is quickly disappearing. I can "hear the old earth shouting, through the trees as the wind blows." The land is dying.

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