LIFE IS A HIGHWAY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/23/2008

I believe the song is about choices you make in life theres more then one road you can take and they took the one road and its a highway and there going to take the road there owan way and make life enjoyable.

SONG | Reviewer: Bridgett | 8/2/2007


the best song ever | Reviewer: brooke | 6/8/2007

when i first heard this song i was blown away i cant get over this song or Joe Don and Gary and Jay......they totally rock i feel like we all have a connection i mean i am in love with all of them their songs and them i love it all and im not going 2 fuss cause i no hes not all mine but i wish they were ..........................................................bye /love u rascal flatts

i love the the highway | Reviewer: mona | 4/30/2007

when i was 5 years old my mom told me i was mentally retarted and i believed her and 8 years l8ter i was smarter than i am now so i can right you people this in 3 years toward the future and i am so sorry for writing this to you............... but anyway it is 3 years torward the future and i can write this and i love your song life is a highway because i was on the highway when my mom told me i was mentally retarted s onkeep it up loved your song sys and i cant wait until my cousin gives me my cd back and it was your cd
3 years torward the future