Letter jacket is the correct term | Reviewer: sharon | 1/22/10

Years ago I attended Ellsworth High School in Kansas and students who lettered in sports could by the special "letter jacket" to sew their awards on so the whole school could see what they had achieved. When a boy and girl went steady the boy would let his girl wear his letter jacket to she was "his girl." Letter jackets were made of wool back then, leather jackets weren't in style yet.

very good song | Reviewer: Beth | 10/15/07

This is written very well..and yes it is meant to be LETTER jacket, ya know like lettermen and letterettes and stuff..sports guys ahve them..

Makes me so sad | Reviewer: KittyKat | 10/5/07

Man this song is awsome but i cry everytime i hear it. my grandpa died of a dieses where he souldent remember anything. everytime i saw him he would as who we were.

the way it is | Reviewer: ncgirl | 9/13/07

I love this song, helps us to remember that we were all young once...and being this is a country song, the lyrics are written just as the song is sung, and the slang is part of the south, if you've ever been here, you'd know.

So So | Reviewer: natalie | 7/13/07

You used slang and some words are spelled wrong. And it's not LETTER jacket it's LEATHER jacket.But other than that it was ok. I love this song.

elisworth | Reviewer: Kitty | 6/21/07

Its is my favorite song by the rascal flatts. I love it & the lyrics are written Perfect!!!!

Brilliant!!! | Reviewer: Lisa | 5/11/07

I think this has to be one of the most soothing sounding songs, and the theme is sooo sweet too....Rascal Flatts rock!! (well, technically, they country, but that wouldn't sound too cool, would it?!! :P)

kacie | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/22/07

i think you did a great job, it is spelled how it is sang.

rascal flatts review | Reviewer: ashley norris | 4/1/07

well you spelled the word going wrong and you should really use good grammar not slang.