Amused.. | Reviewer: Brooke | 12/12/2007

Amazing artists.
The lyrics i adore.
i go home everyday and turn on this song and turn the volume up all the way and scream out the song.
i feelt this way before..and when i first heard the song..i couldnt get enough.

For Dawn's question. | Reviewer: Julie | 10/12/2007

It was a one time summer fling. That's why he says the memory of her driving away will stay with him forever. It's because he knows that was the last time he'll ever see her again. He'll never know if she's thinking of him or remembers him or what her life turned out to be, all he knows is what they had together and then it was over. That's why he compares it to the metaphor of the footprints in the sand that disappear.

confused | Reviewer: dawn | 7/10/2007

so the question is, is it a one time deal? or is the fact that the fling didn't start out serious, got serious and even though they didn't come looking for love, they found it and kept it beyond the summer??

Cool Thing | Reviewer: Christal Peterson | 5/3/2006

This song is so true about your summer love, you have that one special person then you lose them when the summer's over.