Get a grip people! | Reviewer: Twinkthewonderkid | 4/2/08

Jeez, I swear some people look for things to be offended by. It's a satirical joke! "short people are just like you and me..." just like black people or white people or tall/skinny/bald/French/hairy/whatever... people. The point is that we're all the same underneath and that it's pretty stupid to make rash, idiotic assumptions about people based on their differences to you. I think it's clear in the song that Newman thinks that petty prejudices are moronic. So if, like me, you are short and proud and someone sings this song 'at' you, smile politely and savour the knowledge that they are much dumber than you are because they didn't 'get it'.

its just fun,, | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/29/08

The lyrics are just so funny and outrageous as to be just plain fun. Nobody with an ounce of common sense would believe it true, and if so, the they're the one with egg on their face.
A breath of fresh air in this stuffy PC world we've become.

u suk | Reviewer: kassidilangelo | 3/25/08

your poem song or wutever is ridiculous and i am appauled that u would say such things of me!!!!! u suk and u are just jelous!!! i am a midget and offended. i have to stand on a ladder to write this and there is nothing wrong with that. u r just a stupid tall hobo who has no life and nothing better to do than make fun of short people. show some respect u stupid turd.... bye evil short person against person.

short people | Reviewer: spencer | 2/29/08

that is the funniest song i have`ever heard. but i really think this song is meant to short PEOPLE not short in intelligence. we are running out of thingsto write about but this song is so funny my dad toll me about it and i went look it up and laughed the whole time i read it and after it is so so FUNNY!

Please | Reviewer: claw71 | 2/15/08

Randy Newman isn't simple enough to actually pen a song about diminutive people. This song is about people who are short on intelligence, patience, compassion and empathy. Short is a metaphor.

I guess in that includes some of you.

Everyone here is dumb | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/30/08

O.k. please listen to the song... It says, in the chorus, that they are the same as you and I and if you knew anything about Randy Newman, you'd know he was very small. It's a joke, but not about short people. It's about how dumb people are and that size doesn't matter. If you thought how silly and inaccurate this song is, then you just prove his point. He is trying to remind you how dumb it does sound. So the next time a comment says I totally agree and short people are dumb or the opposite Randy Newman is so dumb and this song should be banned, then think twice and think about your own stupidity!

head versus gut | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/26/08

While I know intellectually that this song is pure satire and has a message I applaud, why does it feel like I am being hit in the gut by a brick everytime a tall person sings this "at" me?

this song is stupid | Reviewer: andrea | 1/24/08

it is offensive, but whatever. he didnt like short people and sang about it. tell me thats not running out of things to sing about. its a dumb song and randy newman is a retard. thats what i think...maybe ill write a song about him. hmmm...

Hah | Reviewer: Sarah | 1/24/08

I am quite short, and I think this song is funny. I agree with the person below me that pointed out that this is a satire! It's not written to insult short people. But the guy "Daniel Rollatini" is a bit dumb. Wow, not only did you just misinterprit the song, but you also served to purposely make people feel bed. Good for you.

Aghast | Reviewer: Brandon | 1/22/08

I am deeply horrified at some of the reactions to this song. Mr. Newman should write a song entitled "Dumb People," and talk about how great they are. Then everyone would be happy.

An excellent song | Reviewer: Daniel Rollatini | 1/17/08

I really like the sentiment behind this song, and think that Randy Newman is a really deep thinker.

I'm 6'5", and the short people that I've met in my life meet the description that Newman sets forth. They do have little hands and feet, but oh my, do they do tell those great big lies.

And those tiny, little voices going "beep, beep, beep", and those dirty minds waddling around on those tiny, little feet--all so true.

Thanks so much Randy. Please keep the trenchant criticism coming.

READ THE LYRICS WELL | Reviewer: ME | 1/16/08

people who say it sucks because short people are people too don't understand the song or didn't read it all. just listen to it fully and you'll hear that he doesn't think that short people are less then him at all.

Hahahah | Reviewer: | 1/16/08

Randy Newman is a legend. this song is hillarious. all u short people if you dont like it, grow taller. It's a joke. and dont worry we're not laughing with you, just at you. laughing at u and ur shortness like ur little hands and little eyes

THIS SONG SUCKS | Reviewer: Mercedes | 1/14/08

There is no reason for anyone to pick on short people WE ARE PEOPLE TOO just because were not as tall as most people doesnt mean we cant feel anything and it hurts to be picked on and this song is WAY worst then it is when someone is picking on you for being short i get called midget from people 1-2 inches taller then me and i think its wrong so what WERE SHORT who cares we just human!!!

Total Satire | Reviewer: Tune | 1/4/08

This is a great song and i dont mean just for the message it sends out!! Its simple and catchy and then there's the lyrics which is just satrical humour, whereby no harm or insult is meant but a message is being said!! The fact Mr Newman chose people with limited height as his topic isn't to humiliate them, but to send a message. He couldn't exactly use a skin colour or a religion for this, otherwise he would have a bounty on his head!