how dare him. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/27/09

No, this is not funny. Short people have more prejudice aimed at them today then anyone else. You CAN'T relate. No one can help it. This man deserves to be punished for these stupid lyrics. Shorter people are just as successful as tall people and we should not be looked down upon like this. What if someone made a song called "tall people"? Oh, then it would be SO MEAN right and not funny? Oh,but this, this is HILARIOUS isn't it. So everyone whose tall and says this is funny needs to get out of here.

short people | Reviewer: mark ainslie | 1/19/09

I hate the song maybe because i am short it has silly words and means nothing.I think the song was out in the 70's it sounds like it anyways.
I used to always have it sung to me when i was younger.Dont get me wrong i like my height after reaching 5'0 i just dont love it.I hate all the name calling including this one which has stuck on me since 10 yrs old.LITTLE LEGS my mates shout it out all the time.At school in p.e the teacher used to call me POCKET ROCKET which was fair has i was quite sprinty.Some of my friends are like a foot taller than me but they still llokout for me.I just call them my minders..

lol | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/13/09

i personally loved this song, and i'm 5'4. it's just a funny and light hearted way to show people how their prejudice is. it was so clever and histerical i was laughing so hard my sister ran into the room to find out why i was being such a spazz.

but that's just my take!


ShortPerson | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/30/08

This song is obviously not insulting short people but instead proving how stupid prejudice is. Where it says they have small feet, well, it is implied in being short... It would be equally insulting to African Americans if it said they have black feet. To all those who object to this song please think again!

I for one am not particularly tall nor short but at least I have the common sense to realize that this song is not about short people but instead the idiocy of prejudice.

Short People are just the same
As you and I
(A Fool Such As I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's A Wonderful World)

That seems to me to be implying that short people arent any different then himself the same way Jews, Blacks, and any other minority is the same as himself!


What sinister lyrics to a nice song. | Reviewer: Aidan | 12/23/08

I'm 6"3' and i find this song offensive. I used to like how it sounded, but when i actually listened to it i actually heard what was being said - and didn't like it.
Ah well, i hope he got beaten for this at least once =].


sucks | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

Change the lyrics to any other minorty and there would be world war III. could you imagin if it said Black people, or Jewish people. this is a mean song and I am 5'3" and have had 3rd graders say to me in my face WOW your short I am as tall as you are. It sucks And if you are not short and a Man then you just cant relate and have no reason to give your appinion

I hate the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/15/08

If you are short and you say you like this song or are not offended by the mean tone in the lyrics, then bless you. But if you are avarage or above in height, then please refrain from saying things like its satire, because its not. you cant relate, its not aimed at you. if your white you have no idea what its like to be Black so chill the fuck out. the song is mean ant way you look at it.

pretty bad | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/29/08

I don't believe it is satire for the 'benefit' of short people. I think it is a mean put down of smaller people and making fun of them is not funny in the slightest. People 'do' use stuff like this against people and it 'is' the artist's fault. Be a nice person and if you want to say something about prejudice, then there are better ways to put that 'message' across so people won't get the 'wrong' idea and think the opposite. The lyrics are mean no matter who they are aimed at and I don't see how it makes things better, it just makes people feel bad and get treated worse. I have read that Newman puts on 'characters' when he writes these type of songs and it's like it's coming from someone else's point of view that basically he does not agree with, but it's hard to tell and therefore potentially damaging. I hated that song when it was all over the radio...very insensitive. Some of his other songs are like that about other type people and whether you agree with him or not, it's still mean and wrong. There are better ways to do it then that.

wow | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/10/08

people should not take offense where none is intended. This is hilarious. It is not meant as a jab toward short people. It is meant to show how ridiculous people sound when they judge someone based upon how they look.

i think it is really funny, and i am very short myself
You people who are offended need to grow up (pun intended)

Wow | Reviewer: Kaela | 11/8/08

Haha, I'm onlye 4'11" and I thought this song was amazing. A choir just performed this at a gig I was in and both me and my director (as with the rest of the choirs) couldn't help but burst out laughing. I love it! I sing it all the time, now!

blah! | Reviewer: gina | 10/29/08

the lyrics of this song are exactly the same as saying "old people may as well kill them selves" or the same as saying "colored people may as well not bother" short, tall, black, yellow, white, old, etc i see that he even wrote this song as a stupid, careless kick in the guts to people that (as short as he may have been) are of a lesser stature as he(not meaning necessarily height). fuck all of you that think it is satirical, you obviously have not experienced any kind of prejudice towards yourselves! when you finally do, be it because of how "pretty" you are, how old you are, how young you are, how "colored" you are how "ugly" you are or how "white" you are, how "thin" or "fat" you may be, think of songs like this and leeroy the big lipped nigger, fat, etc., all the prejudiced songs you have ever heard, then post a comment.

Simple Minds | Reviewer: b | 10/28/08

As a short stature person I have been taunted by simple minded people that have gone so far as to sing it to me. Is it offensive? Absolutely. Those of us with half a brain can listen to it and understand the fundamental message behind the lyrics. However, do you really thing that someone who is amused by making fun of someone because of their height cares to have an intellectual discussion about the lyrics? Note that people of short stature are the only group left in modern society that it is still considered OK to openly ridicule.

short person | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/20/08

this song makes he laugh!!! I'm 5'... that is it just 5' I do not get to add any fancy inches on to the end of my feet. but I think it is hilarious cause I just read a review online that says short women live longer than tall women so you might "want no short people 'round here," but we will be here longer than you will!!!!

Wow, some people actually took offense to this?!?!?! | Reviewer: Short Jen | 9/26/08

I'm really bewildered that some folks (at least above the 5th grade level) actually are insulted by this song. I seriously doubt that it's a shot at the vertically challanged. I know that is was banned on the air waves in Maryland for a time due to the fact that they assumed it was directed at politicians. Which is the way I always took it as well, even before I came across that little trivia tidbit.

Oh the irony... | Reviewer: Sycamore Flint | 9/19/08

It's a good catchy song about small-minded people - but ironically is taken literally BY small-minded people. It's not the artist's fault if some people use it to taunt others. I agree with one of the earlier posts - there's far too much manufactured outrage, thanks to some people who seek out reasons to be offended.