FAGGET FACE | Reviewer: sheri | 10/10/07

Any body who thinks this song is funny or cute or anything posotive is a retard and needs brain surgery. this song is offensive and rude.
Everyone comes in different sizes. It dissapoints me that just because someone is a freaking tree, they feel the need to make fun of short people.Anyone tall who agrees with this song is insecure about themselves. Just to tell you we are gonna write a song about dumb tall people:]]]] AND. I do not have a little squeaky voice or little stubby fingers. My mother is short. And she drives an SUV. So FACE!

I love it! | Reviewer: Kelda | 10/8/07

I love this song! I am short too and I don't see how it can be offensive! I've got a little car, short little legs and a dirty little mind. It makes me really happy in fact :P haha also the bit in the middle: Short People are just the same
As you and I
(A Fool Such As I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's A Wonderful World) ... dosn't that make it all right?

You are all IDIOTS! | Reviewer: Hannah | 10/3/07

Anyone who finds this song good or cool AT ALL is a big time loser. The guy who wrote this song has "no reason to live".He needs to realize hes a total jerk off who has nothing better to do with his life then to write songs about little people. Im not a little person but if i was i would be pissed at the person who wrote this song because hes such a freakin LOSER! along with the lot of you who think this song is cool.

you all are idiots | Reviewer: HANNAH | 10/3/07

This song is the dumbest song ever written. The guy who wrote it should be embarrassed. In fact i think HE is the one who has no reason to live. Im not a little person and if i were i wouldnt be offended. BUT this song is the biggest waste of time and the guy who wrote it is a big time loser and all you guys who think its a good song dont know anything about music and you're just as dumb as the artist. Go find something better to do then write a song about little people. dummie.

I am Short | Reviewer: Imaan | 10/1/07

i as midget find this song to be the most shocking.... fantastic song its hilarious and are any of the ppl that are offended short i didnt think so don t tell me what is offensive to me and yes i am short and yes i have grubby little feet and a very dirty little mind and i am proud of my platform shoes so all you tallies can get stuffed lol

Please | Reviewer: ME | 9/17/07

do you people realize that Randy Newman is pretty short? It's a joke. I think it's very funny. And I am very short.

you know whats funny | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/13/07

what's really funny is that people find this rude, but almost every popular song is fully of nigger, bitch, ho, etc. and every music video is full of ass n' titties and aint no one gives a shit. hell newman did't even us a derrogatory term.

RUDE! | Reviewer: Michelle | 9/7/07

that song is really rude, hurtful and offensive to shorter people. seriously. how would you feel if you had whatever that condition is where your really short like a leprechaun or somethign (no offence) and people made up really horrible songs like that?

Offensive | Reviewer: blulibragrl@hotmail.com | 9/1/07

I agree that no one should be offended, but this is talking about midgets. They might be offended by this.

That's my name... | Reviewer: Miraclegro | 8/29/07

yep. My ever-so-considerate friends named me miraclegro... But I think my size is even more hilarious than they do, so its all good.

It's a metaphor | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/29/07

One of Newman's best. It's a metaphor..not to be taken literally! Commentary on bigotry.. no different than say Dr. Seuss's Sneetches with "stars upon thars" which made them think they were so superior to those tacky sneeches without stars.

Pretty ironic that it was mistaken for the very bigotry it was mocking

I don't get it | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/27/07

Um, I'm short and not offended.

But this isn't funny. People can come up with so much better, no? It's not funny because it's not funny. Not because it's about short people.

short people | Reviewer: SS | 8/24/07

OK, so nobody's offended by this song, we all agree about that. So why say the same thing 100 times over and over again if everybody agrees?

haha | Reviewer: chelsea | 8/10/07

i'm really short. i get teased about it by all my friends too and i fin this song really funny. it's like a song about my life. lol. this is great, he's obviously just having fun.

Yeah, no big deal | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/07

Yep, there's nothing wrong with this song at all. Just as I'm sure you all would find nothing wrong with this same song if the word "black" was substituted for the word "short" right?