WTF? | Reviewer: Short Guy | 9/24/10

WTF? So crappy song that's full with hate ... Well, I'm a short person (1.67 CM) tall and to be honest, it annoys me like hell but, what can I do about it? NOTHING alright I gotta live with it ... but people like that retard really make me want to puke ... Get a life you fuckin idiot ... hope you lose a leg or hand someday then you will realize which one is better: being with little feet, or having no feet at all !!!

great song & lyrics | Reviewer: Alex | 9/7/10

Why does no one seem to see that this is a parody of bigotry? In my experience no one makes fun of short people, but they do make fun of fat people, black people, Jews, or, the current victims of choice, Muslims. I doubt that any one really thinks that short people have tell bigger lies, have grubber fingers, nastier feet, or dirtier minds than tall people. The song shows how bigotry is based on misconceptions and lies. Plus it's a really catchy tune, charmingly sung by Newman.

The real reason he sang the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/10

Newman a singer and songwriter with very little publicity, well no publicity. So, he cut a song that would sound offensive and at the same time leave just a little insinuation that it meant something else so, he would not get sued. The song was so offensive and now everyone knows Randy Newman, even if he does sing like a pedephile that had a stroke and zero talent.

short people | Reviewer: Michelle Dudley | 8/8/10

I am a little person or dwarf , and I am a member of the L.P.A.. This song was on thier hate list for a short time, but after talking with Randy Newman it was learned that this song is talking about Toddlers and small children...Not about little people or short adults..We all need to remember that it is just a song . I am 3'10" tall and this song makes me laugh because I have an uncle just like him..He doesn't want to be around children..

American People | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/7/10

Americans...Do yourself a favour & look up the word "satire" in the dictionary, while you're at it, look up "irony" too.

Love the guy below who asks us to "read between the lines" whilst maintaining that "there's no underlying meaning here"...that's truly impressive stupidity, congratulations.

RE: You guys need to read between the lines | Reviewer: John has downs | 4/11/10

Are you fucking retarded. There is no underlining meaning here. People try and find some gay ass reasoning behind every song. Randy Newman pleaded in court that this song was written by a narrator who hates short people. Where does it once say in the song that people find ways to hate on others. God you are fucking stupid and you are what is wrong with America.

Hes Retarded??? | Reviewer: STFU | 4/11/10

Songs from the little Rascals yall should love this song randy newman is retarded so let him be just cause he sings one way you wouldnt make fun of the retarded kids at your school or the school yall went to cause they had a opinion just let him be

What? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/24/10

Some of these remarks are so rude and out in space. I feel like I'm on YouTube here. I am short and I am NOT fat. And it seems a LOT of negative people aren't catching the jest of the lyrics. Let's not forget the come back song for tall people.

crap spangled banner | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/8/10

Crappy song, funny lyrics. Too bad most people are retarded, and this site only goes to show why there is war. BTW didn't America loose a war with short yellow illiterates. I for one, hate fat people...

You guys need to read between the lines | Reviewer: John | 2/25/10

Guys, this song was written not for hate but love. He says in the chorus "Short people are just the same as you and I...all men are brothers until the day they die" he has nothing agaisnt short people and the song itself isnt about short people it's about Stupid things that people come up with to hate each other such as being short or different colored skin. Can't you guys see that?

Short Person | Reviewer: Iliana | 2/25/10

Okay, I am a short person. I stand at 4'10" at 17 with my mother being 4'11". I had this song dedicated to me in my morality theology class. Of all things, a theology class? I have to agree though on the picking up part to say hello and having small feet. I really do like this song, I find it amusing.

The Pot Calling the Kettle Black | Reviewer: Judy | 2/12/10

Anyone who gets upset over this song is wasting energy. Randy id speaking from experience since he is a short person himself. I am short and I like being short. Height does not determine who I am or what I can achieve. Therefore, I think the song is very funny.

Great message. | Reviewer: Moon Man | 1/26/10

Hey guys its Moon man here,
Randy Newman should be given praise for writing a song so blatently anti-short. The short people menace has been prevalent in america for years and one man finally had to guts to stick up to the shorties. Hopefully they heed his advice.

This song is horrible! | Reviewer: Helloboy | 1/19/10

I am appalled this song could ever be written. How insensitive Randy Newman is! He wants short people to die? Oh my God, we all have a right to live! This song is so wrong and I hope Randy Newman is prosecuted!

Short People! | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/16/09

I like the song. Haven't heard it since the 70's and am looking for it. I have heard just about every short joke around and I laugh at them all. I hope someone comes out with some new material! LOL Short people need to get over it and laugh. By the way, I am 5' 4" and have been living the short life for 48 years. It's the tall people I feel sorry for. The air up there is thin and they can't think straight! LOL