The fortunate ones | Reviewer: Short Stuff | 7/9/11

If you've never been bullied or rejected for something you can't help and can't change... If, like Joy and Laura, you've had lots of friends who couldn't have cared less about those things, and appreciated you for who you are, life looks a little different. It's funny how people wind up taking life more seriously after the people in their lives have seriously taken them. If you have never had a nerve rubbed so raw that even a silly little song makes it jump out of your skin, you are indeed one of the fortunate ones. As usual, though, people have to live in a place for a while before they can begin to get the lay of the land.

WOW | Reviewer: Laura sandall | 6/25/11

There are a lot of people on here who have taken this WAY too far. It's a funny little song and isn't meant to be taken seriously! I have put it on my Twitter and Facebook saying how much a secretly like it and all my friends have commented on it because I am by far the smallest of them and always have been. Luckily they see it is a satire and not "bullying" or mistreatment of a group of people. IT'S A JOKE! Maybe if you didn't take life so seriously you would enjoy things a bit more.

Comments and stuff | Reviewer: Short Stuff | 4/24/11

Why do people visit a lyrics site, when they don't bother to read the lyrics? Particularly:

Short people are just the same
As you and I
All men are brothers
Until the day they die

Minds me of another pop song:

What are words for?
When no one listens, what are words for?
When no one listens, there's no use talking at all!

But, y'know, people hear what they want.

A song about bigotry is sure to bring out both the bigots and their targets. Racism, sexism, discrimination against the disabled, against just about anything different...yeah, and heightism, too. One only needs to read some of the comments here to know that the song is more than satire and allegory-- it is protest, too.

For the ones who stopped here to write "Yeah, short people are just like that!":

Know why I'm so short?
My parents, teachers, and peers tried to keep me from growing a backbone.

Know why I'm so loud?
I grew one anyway.

We each have to play the hand we were dealt.

Bigots judge people for the cards they were dealt. They know words like "whinger" and "crybaby," but never heard of "blame the victim."

Wiser heads judge people for how they play their hand. It's not what you have, its what you do with it.

The best among us, knowing that life is tough on just about everything alive, do not judge at all.

Which kind are you? Something to think about, next time you stand in front of a mirror.

Oh! and by the way...Joy? It's better to be short and adorable than to be short and male.

Calm down. | Reviewer: Wut? | 3/30/11

To everybody flipping out over this song, 1.) Get over it. And 2.) it was written as a satire against hate groups. It switches the object of hate and the words used to another group to show how absolutely absurd the logic of the hatemongers is.

But of course, this is America, and people are stupid. You can't be subtle anymore, you have to come out and plainly state what you're trying to say or people will miss the point and get pissy about it. Morons.

Like It! | Reviewer: Joy | 1/15/11

I'm a short people and I like the song. I was a kid when it came out and I was short for my age and knew I would always be shorter than average. My friends used to laugh and sing it to me - I still have these friends, by the way - and we weren't stupid enough to take it seriously. I'm still short and adorable as hell and all the men in my life have been over 6 ft. tall. I once had a crush on a really short boy but he liked tall girls. C'est la vie!

Seriously? | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/14/11

Hey "Short Guy" down below from September -- if you're so concerned with treating people fairly, how about you take a quick lesson in person-first language and drop the word 'retard' from your vocabulary? While you're at it, do a little honest research about the song and stop taking yourself so seriously. K thanks! :)

Stupid People. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 1/9/11

Hey everyone, its a satire. It's pointing out how stupid and senseless prejudices are. I can't believe this song was taken off the air at one point because it offended people. Do you really think Randy Newman, who composed the music of Toy Story, Monsters Inc., and many more beloved movies, is a biggot? Ignorant people piss me off

Why the Hoopla? | Reviewer: Jenny | 1/5/11

Some of you who have your "nose out of joint" really should relax. It is well known that if you take everything personally, you'll never be happy with anything. It's just a song. Besides, if you really paid attention, it actually says that we are really all the same no matter what. So - - - what are you all pissed off about - - - REALLY? Get a grip.

Wow. | Reviewer: Pursuit | 12/14/10

This song is just really fucked up... freedom of speech doesn't protect you from honest criticism or boycotts. People are allowed to express their disdain for stuff like this and even choose to not support it monetarily.

General Misconception | Reviewer: Anonymous | 12/8/10

Randy Newman wrote this from the perspective of another individual. It is called artistic license. He is also well-known for his satirical work(s), this of course, being one of them. If you bother to read any of his personal comments on the matter, he regrets the song's notoriety and considers it to be largely a joke.

Need some cheese with the whine!! | Reviewer: Mark | 12/5/10

It seems to me that 'freedom of speech' guaranteed by the Constitution seems to have been repealed by "thin skinned" people. I am 46 yrs. old, 30 pounds over-weight, bald and love telling these type of jokes and laugh at those jokes as well. I don't get bent outta shape about hearing Irish jokes either. One more thing, I am the 3rd shortest person at work and all the women are taller than I and I am fine with that.

short people/randy newman | Reviewer: sherry b. johnson | 11/30/10

because of that one made my life and a lot of others harder than it should have been. it should have not been released....i am 4 ft. 9 inches and proud of it...i've been waiting for years to say this to him....bullying is not right in any form or fashion for anyone in this world.

Woahh | Reviewer: Bonnie | 10/21/10

Haha everyone just calm down! Why do you have to take yourself/other people so seriously? Learn to laugh more... I'm short and I think this song is hilarious. He has written a few songs like that, and it's NOT to be controversial so he gets noticed... he writes them because he's funny. Satire. Gotta love it.

Actually.... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/10

I just heard this song today and I thought the reason was to make fun of people who were being racist... or in this case he made it short people to make it sound pointless to judge people on the color of their skin, height, or silly things like that.

Shorty Here!!! | Reviewer: Donna K | 10/8/10

Hey I happen to be a short person 5'0" and I happen to love this song. Those of you who don't, what's wrong with you, can't take a joke??? He also wrote the theme song for Monk are all you OCDers gonna jump on him too?? When people tell me how short I am, I just come back with "Yeah but I rarely have to duck". Get a life!!!