The real meaning of the song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/22/14

Randy is not talking about 'Short people' as in height. Short people in morals, ethics. It is a parody of lawyers politicians. If you were a true fan of Randy you know he is similar to Penn and Teller and it is political satire. People need to be better educated. Animal Farm is not just a kids novel.

Bullied and tormented all my life | Reviewer: anonymous | 5/22/14

I know its not Randy Newmans fault in anyway for writing the song but i want to give you an example how some people can use this song to deliberately hurt someone and use it in their own way .In the past i was beaten lets just say...a lot.. and had this song sung to me every time he would hit and eventually left me with little to no self esteem.Every time i hear this song it strips away every thing i have had to build up in the years of trying to repair what he destroyed in me and myself.I try so hard to not let it bother me but it hurts so deep that nothing anyone can say can make me feel better.I wish this song would disappear in existence and anyone who is saying that it is art obviously must have perfect height and bad taste in is something beautiful and never hurts people or insults....oh ,and yes...i am 4ftand 11inches.

Funny | Reviewer: Monyma | 3/16/14

I am only 1.60m and I couldn't stop laughing. I don't know whether the song is about short minded people or about short people, but in a sarcastic way. But I do know that I like the combination of the lyrics and the cheerful music. I don't know why anybody would be offended by this song.

An absolutely crappie song | Reviewer: Mr Ford | 12/18/13

Do you notice that he is saying a kids should bugger of and die (according to 1st verse where he says we have no reason to live)

And not only kids, short adults! I think he should bugger off and die!

He says that short people should not love, that is crap.

It is just discrimination to short people. What about people who are disabled. Some of them cannot grow!!! This is crap!

No regards to Randy Newman but best regards to other haters of this song

Mr Ford

are u people serious | Reviewer: jeff | 11/15/13

take ur P.C. bullshot and get a life you all. I just got the song in my mind was singing it out loud and my friend asked me about it so I looked up the lyrics and what do I find....a site dedicated to the song with reviews by people whose minds seem so small they should think the song is written for them!!!! Enjoy riding your high horses for they are "Trojans" with tiny people inside....

It's Satire, People! | Reviewer: Charlie | 9/22/13

Does it help in understanding this song to realize that its writer, Randy Newman, is short? Why would he write such a thing if it helped to humiliate him? I can't comprehend how many people misunderstand this. It's a great and wildly humorous song satirizing the prejudice Randy Newman probably experienced all his life.

Songs I Love | Reviewer: Norma Jeanne | 9/17/13

I am 75 now. I was a runt,baby of the family & my nickname was Nubben, usually shortened to Nub. I have some family & friends that still call me Nub. My brother gave me that name as a very young child because, he said "she's no bigger than a nubben ear of corn". I have never in my whole life taken that as a put down. It was an endearment. I have never felt left out or been made fun of for being short. When I first heard this song I got the record & played it over & over & played it for other people because I liked it. I don't have the song anymore because records went the way of the eight track & cassette tapes. I have searched & searched for it but never found it---until I found this website tonight. Thank you for the song & my enjoyment of it.BTW--I won the award for the shortest adult attendee at a family reunion in July this year--because I have lost 2 inches & now am barely 5 feet tall. I may have been the smallest in stature but my Daddy warned people about messing with me because I might be the youngest & smallest but that dynamite comes in small packages. I used to drive semi's coast to coast (there were several truckers in my family)& I pulled my seat as far forward as it would go, put a pillow behind my back & sat on my winter coat with my seat belt fastened to hold me in the seat. I shocked many a driver & highway patrols. Yes, I am short, always have been & I am proud of it.

grow up people no pun intended | Reviewer: grow up | 8/11/13

I am under 5 feet tall and have been made fun of all my life. I treat that as it is ... good for a laugh. short or tall we all find advantages and disadvantages to each. I can take a joke or I can take a laugh at my expense unless your under 5 feet shut up not your concern.

It's satire. | Reviewer: Jenna | 8/6/13

He's not dissing short people. He's pointing out how stupid prejudice people sound.

Also, in response to a previous comment, "Fat Bottom Girls" was celebrating women with curves. Not everyone considers a big butt a bad thing. Maybe that's your prejudice.

Finally, sack up, folks. Music is art, and art is meant to provoke thought.

Oversensitive Public | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/27/13

People need to realize that this is not meant to be an offensive song against short people. Does
"Short people are just the same
As you and I
(A fool such as I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's a wonderful world)"
not make it obvious that this is a song against prejudice, not a song that is prejudice? It's a genuinely awesome song, and y'all are just being little babies and misinterpreting the lyrics.

What if "short people" was interchanged with another personal attribute? | Reviewer: Annie | 7/12/13

Substitute any other descriptive attribute in place of "short people" in this song and see what happens. What would be the reaction if we changed 'short people' to, say, 'African American people'. . .or 'Muslim people' or 'autistic people' or 'crippled people'. . . you get the drift. In today's hyper sensitive age, a time when it is socially unacceptable to make insensitive remarks about people's race, disabilities, religious affiliations, etc. . .why is it ok to condone such a blatantly offensive song about people who through no fault or control of their own are longitudinally deficient? It is reprehensible to say the least.

Stupid digs at me | Reviewer: Tina | 6/24/13

My neighbor and I had a bad quarrel. He plays the song loud enough for me to hear. I can get by with it until the last part that says "Don't want no short people around". I take that part personally that he does not want to be near me. Unfortunately, I feel the same way about him, especially after the digs about being short. After all, he is short, too. I think he is so narrow-minded that he will not take time to review the true meaning so I think he is SHORT MINDED. Why can't people accept each other and forgive and start over? Teasing is rough but knowing the other person means it is rougher. People just do not show respect for others anymore. I was raised differently and do not know how to cope with bad treatment like that.

truth stranger than fiction | Reviewer: Anonymous | 4/29/13

We are a small health care company competing with large corporations. Last week in a meeting I brought forward several points that were not taken seriously. Later one of the big four actually said smaller companies should not be allowed it exist. Yes I remember this song. Randy Newman was a poet and that's what poets do.

hilarious song | Reviewer: Anonymous | 3/22/13

Looking at all these reviews makes me love this song more than I already do. Im only 5'0 and im happy about it. But it seems to me that there are people that take a joke away too far. My teacher showed me this and hes really not that tall but its a very amusing song.

Bullying/Teasing. | Reviewer: Miss Karen | 12/13/12

Queen sang a song about Fat Bottom Girls...this one picks
on people who are short. By today's standards it would be
called bullying. Back then, it was cruel teasing.

Weird how we remember these songs and can still sing along.