are you serious? | Reviewer: Nicole | 9/19/08

this is unbelievable. seriously, who cares if your short or tall? i have frieds that are really short, and some that are really tall and both have their advantages/disadvantages. get over youselves. offense? you'd have to be mentally challanged to believe that short people have to reason to live. and btw, randy newman is short so um obviously he doesn't want short people to die. so get over the fact if people use to make fun of you because your short/tall. its in the past, and randy wasnt trying to make fun of everyone. why dont you go listen to some lil wayne. then complain about this song.

..... | Reviewer: Anonymous | 9/1/08

i think this song is hilarious.
i am 5'11 and people are always telling me that i am a giant.
i hate it how short people get offended when they get called short all the time, but when a tall person gets called a giant constantly its fine.
so when a really annoying midget comes up to me and says "omg you are huge" i laugh it off because i now they are jealous and i hum this song :)

Seriously? | Reviewer: Whit | 8/30/08

I'm with the last guy, if your offended than you're reading WAY TOO MUCH into a silly little 'ol song. I'm short, the song means jack shit... and it's amusing. Hell, I start humming it anytime I can't reach something! :D But if it's so offensive to you then don't listen to it, dwelling on something so silly is laughable in itself.

Irony | Reviewer: Anonymous | 8/31/08

Randy Newman's songs are for the most part ironic or satirical. Rednecks for example is about a man whose proud to be a redneck ironically singing about them being ill educated and racist.

Short People as Newman himself said it could be about someone who has an irrational hatred of short people. Newman's songs are typically sung from the perspective of characters, something that most people don't understand because they're not used to that kind of style. Newman's songwriting is just bar and large simply misunderstood when it comes to this song.

Haha | Reviewer: Charles | 8/26/08

You people need serious help, it's a good song, if you don't see the humour then you're too ignorant to function in society, children are listening to much worse music then this, atleast this song doesn't mention sex or drugs.

Stupid, Garbage, Extremely Disrespectful and Dehumanizing song ! | Reviewer: short man | 8/22/08

It so frustrating for me as short person when I hear people say this song is funny and don’t take it seriously. If any short person laugh at this song, it is because they have accepted their Second Class or Third Class status in this extremely cruel and cold society ! As a short stature person nobody’s but me and people like me understand the cruel treatment we receiving for being a true humans!(short stature people). We never take too much of mother earth resources but in fact we gave away a lot. The discrimination, the humiliation and the degradation we short stature people suffer every time and every where is a fact of life.

Short stature people scarified so much to change the world for the better. Think about people like, Dr. Martin Luther King, Mother Theresa, Gandhi, Marcus Garvey to name a few. Are this individuals got no reason to live ?

If somebody makes a similar comment about people color, sexuality, sex… will it be acceptable !

I don’t know what other people do but personally give me liberty or give me death ! So next time when you play this garbage song around me, remember that “ IT MIGHT COST YOU YOUR LIFE” !!!

HILARIOUS | Reviewer: Bee | 8/21/08

I thought this song was the funniest thing I have ever heard. I am 4'10" and I think some of these things about other short people lol!! SOME OF THEM MAKE YOU WANT TO SING THIS SONG TO THEM LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!

I applaud those who understand the satyr | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/24/08

and... I am completely ashamed of those who are so ignorant they refuse to understand the meaning of this song. My granddaughter absolutely loves it and giggles when we sing it... She gets the sweetest look on her face when we sing the part, "short people are just the same as you and me." Good grief folks, lighten up, laugh and educate yourself on parody and satire before we go to war over something for no reason whatsoever.

noe | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/20/08

I went out to dinner the other night with my mom, a lady she work's with, and 2 of my other friends. A car had droven by (we were sitting outside) and this song was playing. my mom had told me how when she was younger she would just go around singing this song to my aunt kathy. so i looked up the song on project playlist. and i made me die laughing because i have a sister who is 5'2" compared to me who is 5'11" and now everytime she is home from college i will sing her this song!

It's all in your perspective | Reviewer: Anonymous | 7/10/08

I remember when this song got a lot of air time. Randy Newman was interviewed, and he said he was 5'6". He wrote it to be funny, and to point out how absurd it is to judge people based on superficial (ie physical) characteristics.

Short people | Reviewer: Jan | 6/25/08

I'm short and when I was younger my older cousin sent me the record in the mail. It was the funniest song to me. I still think it is very funny. I have a very short grandson and I told him about the song and he was laughing. It is just how you view things. I like to laugh than not.

I am short | Reviewer: peep | 6/24/08

I am short and I don't think it's offensive

the core message is here:
Short People are just the same
As you and I
(A Fool Such As I)
All men are brothers
Until the day they die
(It's A Wonderful World)

The rest is offensive if it's taken separately from that part.
However, this song can be abused to pick on short people but that was not the singer's intention.

Not a Hater | Reviewer: Louann | 5/24/08

Back when this song was written, there wasn't even an internet, and people didn't have to be SO SO carefull about thier lyrics being analyzed to death. It was just a FUN song. Rhymes with run and gun?.....FUN!
So everybody just chill and get the F over it.

Not mean | Reviewer: Tall since Birth | 5/6/08

When I was growing up, being a girl, I always got made fun of for being taller than everyone. Taller than all the boys and all the other girls; to me that's mean!

To ease my pain my grandmother (who is 5'1) would sing this song to me to make me laugh and feel better about myself (I'm 6'0).

Some say it's mean because they are short, others say it's funny because they are tall (or somewhere in between).

this song is mean | Reviewer: tim | 4/26/08

I hate this song its the meanest thing ive heard in years. I hadnt heard it in years and this week i heard it two times. once was on a bus full of kids and once was with my 12 year old son in the car and he couldnt believe what he was hearing. I really dont know how stupid we couldve been to have allowed something so mean and idiotic on the air. yes yes i am enlightened enough to see the song as a satire and that yes we can discriminate really against any type of person so let pick a group and do it. randy Newman you really should be ashamed of yourself to call yourself a songwriter-you know you really do have a responsibility to a society that makes you rich.and dont think the verse about everybody is a brother redeems that song. you just felt guilty and stuck it in there (which makes it worse its not even an art song anymore it really was mean spirited to begin with so you tried to fix it) or maybe you arent rich maybe youre just a old grey haired man with nobody to love. newman you need to take the song off the air and try to recover what little diginity you have left.