OFFENSIVE | Reviewer: kate | 1/2/08

It was very offensive to me because I am short and like it really hurts my feelings. (I'm not a dwarf).You are a very nasty person Randy Newman to write this song if you were short i don't think you would like it.

Ill never forget | Reviewer: matt keplinger | 12/31/07

I am 34 years old now, and when I was 9 my school had a program for the parents and they took the tallest kids and put them in a circle around the shortest kids (me} and had them sing this song,let me tell you I will never forget that,it has hurt me for life,however maybe it helped push me to become the bodybuilder/weightlifter I am today,and all those tall kids are probably fat and out of shape tall adults!!!Lol

nice comment | Reviewer: who? | 11/28/07

"I agree that this song is not supposed to be taken literally and it's a vehicle to express that all prejudice is idiotic. However, as we've seen here, it ends up getting used as a way for people to AIR their prejudices" - I don't know who you are, but I think this statement is very intelligent and sums up why satire is not the most effective form of criticism. After all, the concept of "satire" was defined and honed in classical Rome by Republicans (the Roman kind, not the Bush kind) living in during the Empire, who used it (satire) to criticize and rebut the supporters of the Empire. Look how far it got them...oh, that's right. Nowhere.

SHAWTY | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/22/07

This song OWNS im 5'7" but i dont give a fuck its all about the inside baby.
"you gotta pick em up just to say hello" HILARIOUS

im short and i loved it!! | Reviewer: Gracie | 11/24/07

im 4"11 and 16 years old and no i dont have any dwarfism at all, and i LOVE this song! i dont think its offensive at all! its great!

duh | Reviewer: Laura | 11/24/07

im 5'2 an my husband is 6'2. we played this at our wedding an everybody got a kick out of it. c'mon y'all, its not that deep.

i hate short people | Reviewer: glendarious | 11/15/07

man im glendarious fom atlanta and short people r all stupid looking dwarfs, i love this song because it makes them look like the retards they are

HAHA | Reviewer: Joe | 11/12/07

Anyone who says people who like this have no lives truely have no lives them selfs. We have lifes because we are open minded and actualy are smart enough to know when something is a joke. Anyone who thinks its offensive needs to unclench their cheeks and let the stick drop out.

yeah... | Reviewer: | 11/6/07

its a joke. a joke. nothing more, nothing less, just a joke. you're all taking it too seriously. grow up.

um | Reviewer: Anonymous | 11/4/07

i dont think it would be considered offensive, it's like a joke song, or a comedy song. my english teacher is like 5'1'' and she played this song for us because she thought it was really funny. political correctness shouldnt judge whether a song is good or not.

Well.. | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/29/07

I agree that this song is not supposed to be taken literally and it's a vehicle to express that all prejudice is idiotic. However, as we've seen here, it ends up getting used as a way for people to AIR their prejudices - some comments mention how much they agree with this song that short people have this or that wrong with them. And as a short person, that is why I can't like this song. I'm 5'0" and regularly date men who're 6 foot and beyond, and I've had people (strangers!) come up to me and tell me I 'can't date my boyfriend because I'm too short for them.' What the hell is that? There is prejudice against short people, and completely discounting that is wrong too.

It's just a joke | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/27/07

It's a funny song that was simply meant as a joke. It's pathetic for people who aren't even short to get upset about this song. Don't you people have lives? Don't you have something to do other than to take up other people's offenses all the time? Worry about your own life and stay out of other people's. If short people are offended by this song they can take care of themselves. Worry about your own life and stop being nosy.

misunderstood | Reviewer: Anonymous | 10/18/07

This song actually is not suppose to be offensive. It was written to get the point across that Prejudice is stupid. These lines are suppose to be the heart of the song "Short People are just the same As you and I(A Fool Such As I)All men are brothers Until the day they die( It's A Wonderful World)" but sadly all people ever remember of the song is that short people have know reason to live.

HILARIOUS!!! | Reviewer: Brittany | 10/16/07

Im not really short by my hubbys SUPER tall and he goes around singin this song to me. I think its too damn funny and people who dont just need to get a sense of humor!

grow up morons | Reviewer: Rodster51 | 10/16/07

this song is a classic lyrical good time, i am not tall (or short) i have 2 dwarf relatives and they think it is funny, it is just a song, pure entertainment, not meant to be offensive.if any of you were alive and old enough to remember it being relased you will also remember it was fuinny, i mean noone gets mad over wierd al's "who's fat" :-P Rodster